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Class level increase

i want a lovely update on class levels, making all classes be able to get higher skill levels i honestly think needs to be done as a player who players a mainly a alchemist, i enjoy being able to craft potions and the sprinkle skills is amazing!! but what i would love to see is being able to make like level 30 condensed potions with the hp one healing max of 11,228 and then the sp ones 2,576 and being able to have the small craftable elixirs do 30% and not 20, but having more craftable things to make like kinda like alchemist are the one who can actually learn recipes, so you can store your recipes you pick up…like being able to collect pieces of blessed shards to make blessed gems, which are used to craft like a better version of elixirs so they will be medium elixirs and then you can pretty much do the same with the condensed making them larger too, or adding another matriel like something we have to use the magnum opus to craft, like crafting the symbol of wealth (Symbol of Wealth - Items - Tree of Savior Database), which i think should be a naughty credit buff…

But id love to see about max class level should be about 120 or something so we get maybe 75 new skill points to use in each class and being able to switch to different classes youve picked to level them up like but if its level 120 we only get 18 skill points to use in each class
So being lets say max level class 250, we would have about 51 in each class right?

Kinda remind me ol time hi level pardoner buff because oracle dm which both are nerf/redesigned so I don’t think having over leveled thing will be their route. Beside they answer higher amount healing with

for a class that is not even designated as healer, 20% is somewhat nice besides it will enter the zone of premium elixirs or zone of healer. And I see alchemist main role isn’t actually healer and the healing part act more like an extra. If they designed it a healer it’s an identity crisis where it should be in cleric tree

Personally I don’t like the idea of elixirs that exist currently that can heal you up to some crazy amount, it’s just ridiculed healer role where their advantage becomes something public like the idea of canceled public class or whatever they call it

Healing or healing greatly should be identity to healer, especially when they have nothing in return to compensate the publicize identity. Instead they keep nerfing such merkabah of kabbalist or giving priest no dmg at all. If they being fair with publicize healing identity, healing main class should get something in return in damage sector as well

Why each class would need 75 skills, some even already have very tight build like krivis, you end up having too many skills unneeded, though for some classes skill “limitation” kinda give you sense of path when it’s available, like for dmg class the aoe path, the bossing path and so on. With too much skill points it’s just the same as having all skills at 1 skill point needed. In addition they answer the need of skill point by skill point potion, so I don’t think they will go with your idea, especially when they removing lots of skills in latest patch and redesign them so each class requires less skill point.

Again, you talked about alchemist, if you haven’t know yet alchemist is probably the least class they touch, so if you love alch you need to bare with it harder.