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Class Concepts after Re:Build


Now that Re:Build is a thing, that means that there are no limits to the amount of classes that can be added to the game, which i think is GREATT cuz i love classes lol, what classes do you guys wish to be in the game, i have a few


Medium: Basically a medium uses ouija boards and seances to contact the dead o whateva. it can have some support and some damage skills making it sorta hybrid i guess. skills could be stuff like ectoplasm and some form of interacting with dead party members or enemies, and maybe a summon skill or 2. it could maybe have possession or levitation from sadhu/featherfoot.

Shaman: we litterally have no native american based class which is crazy because they have so much culture and many religions soo imc what are you doing loll. this class would be support and would focus on debuff and totems and have a ritual skill or 2 …
OR it can be a damage class focusing on native american folklore like being able to summon wendigos, those bird girls or those crazy giant floating heads


Machinist: A support class focused on building helpful constructs and some turrets for damage. stuff like robots, med packs, sp recharge stations, idkk


Thundermancer: no explanation needed loll but since wizard has taoist now i dont think we need a thunder based class anymore

Magician: This class will have a buff to tranform their weapon into a magic wand that will increase their magic ability. basically this class will be able to do magician based stuff like pull bunnies out of hats and throw them at the enemy, blink can be transfered to this class, it is cc based and has lower damage but has alot of mobility options and cc to make up for it


Puppeteer: i know there is already a puppeteer class coming so yea i think it might be sent to the scout tree instead now though. it can summon a puppet to do alot of stuff

heres one i made long ago I was bored so this happened

i couldnt think of any swordsman classes sorry


Sorcerer : this class summons a giant Subdued demon boss to serve the summoner (now without brain dead AI)


I am surprised there hasn’t been a “Samurai” class in some form yet. You get a stance and different slices and maybe a throw.
Throw in “Sumo” as well, lots of hand skills and throws.
Maybe a “Berserker” Class (based on Nordic Berserkers of some sort) that is forbidden from wearing armor but gets a lot of other boosts instead, could use special tattoos as well. Would be the ultimate glass cannon but could be very rewarding to play.

Swordsman classes depend a lot on what weapons they are gonna add. =x
Wizard, Cleric and Archer already have so many weapons that are used in a lot of Archetypes.


The famous “add Samourai” threads.

I would like a Thundermancer even if we have Taoist. They use lighting based skills but their thematic is more about toilet paper you throw at mobs, I’m not really fan of this.

Thundermancer :

Electric Wall
Electric Pillar
Thunder Cage (or trap :tired:) > Create a cage that deals damage every 1,5 sec, stunning monsters walking in for 0,5 sec.
Electrocute (steal it from Elem :tired:)
Electric Sphere > Create five spheres that turn around the caster, each sphere disapear when it hits a monster dealing damages.
Electric Wall
Thunder Judgement > Create a big circle on the ground, after 3,5 second, inflict massive thunder damage on all targets.*If targets hit were frozen, deal additional damages.

Thundermancer could have more ticks with less damages than Pyro, but more ticks would mean more chance to crit.

tl;dr I’m out of idea


If you go Electricity then go all in. Don’t make it a “poor Pyro”.
Generally Electricity should probably be about stunning an enemy and then inflicting damage at an increased rate. Thus you need spells that combo with this but are still fair and varied in Gameplay.
I would probably add at least one iconic spell from Star Wars “Unlimited Power!!!” if you get what I mean.

The basic spell:
0,5s cd, does ~110% damage and applies a debuff that stacks up to 5-10 times (number can vary depending on what you want the player to do), at max stacks monsters are stunned. (Basically replaces Auto Attack due to being better (slightly higher damage))

Your Thunder Cage:
Chains an enemy to the ground in a lighting cage making it unable to move but it can still attack, the lighting cage emits lighting damage and stacks to its surroundings.

Thunder Circle:
Lighting strikes in a circle around you that stay for a few seconds even if you move out of it (well it would look like a circle fire wall but meh =x ), enemies that touch it get electrocuted, take damage, receive stacks.

Your Thunder Judgement will turn into “Thor’s Wrath”:
Calls down a big Lighting strike onto 1 enemy, if the enemy is stunned due to Electricity the spell splashes lighting snakes or hammers around its target dealing damage and applying stacks.

“Unlimited Power!!!”:
Stretch out your hands and emit lightning onto enemies in front of you, applies stacks and slightly stuns enemies hit.

Stuff of the top of my head in 5 mins. Of course you would need to adjust damage numbers, cooldowns, Overheat, etc. . But I would make an electric wizard be based on stunning and then dealing increased damage.
Sidenote: If you stun a frozen enemy it shatters and deals ice damage to the enemies around it.

Pyro should get a stackable burn debuff that gets higher each time one of your fire spells does damage. You lower the general damage of all fire spells if you pick Pyro but the passive gives you great dot damage on all monsters. Dot can crit as well of course. There could be passives that increase speed, crit chance and other stuff for Pyro.

I wrote Samurai and Sumo because these are like the most known Asian stereotypes we are still missing. We got Monk already, Taoist as well, Miko, Omni, etc. .


hmmm nice…

i thought of some Shaman skills so imma leave them here


Blood Pact
Cuts yourself and an ally, making yall bleed for a few seconds. Whatever buff/heal is applied to either of you, is also applied to the other one. Also applies for debuffs as well.

Summons floating heads for a few seconds that deal small damage 1 time but will petrify an enemy for a short amount of time, the remaining heads will explode if they expire, dealing large damage.

Yee Naaldlooshii
Summon a skin walker that can transform into various forms and will deal damage and follow you for a limited time

Spider Web
Summon a spiders web that will slow enemies and impair their vision


Summon a Wendigo that will stay with you until it dies. It has low max health but can restore its own health by attacking enemies.

Summon a big foot to stomp on the ground, dealing damage and immobilizing enemies.


Place a buff on yourself, if you die while this buff is active, you will respawn as a ghost witch for a few seconds that is able to use a vampiric skill to suck the life from enemies to restore to your dead body, resurrecting yourself with the amount of health you did as damage. You will be cursed after, making you not be able to be healed for a few seconds after resurrecting.


Geomancer :tired:



I don’t know what really ‘shamanism’ is supposed to be, but aren’t Featherfoot and Bokor already shamans? And I think I saw something close to Onmyoji in Shaman King…
And many of these skills are really close to some of FF’s and Bokor’s.
The idea of the clerics now seems more like “servants of the Goddesses” than spiritual guides. A class that talks to another entity don’t fit the theme.
Or they may intend to use something close to the cleric tree. And I’m being stupid.




because no other game I’ve played so far featured a Shepherd as Class. It would be very interesting to see what they could come up with, and it even fits within the lore as the founder of Orsha(or at least the temple there) was a Shepherd who received a revelation (not the one we players receive,though) from the goddesses.

After having Bokor and Taoist defecting as apostates, we need more unique Class concepts in Cleric again.

Maybe some music-/lyric-based Cleric
e.g. skald/fili/ollam/muezzin/hazzan/cantor

are choices that could be implemented to provide some difference in game play…

The difference between religion and shamanism is that shamanism sanctifies/deifies nature around the human while religion generally worships one or several entities that are said to have power over nature & humanity.

So the general difference is that in shamanism the human is part of the realm of worship while in religion there is a strict separation between object of worship and worshiper.

This is also why animism (including Voodoo) is a religion, the spirits (e.g. the Loa) are deified and worshiped.
There are some aspects to some animism beliefs that blur the line here and there (e.g. possession of humans or energy gathering/transmittal from or onto objects/places which become then worshiped),
but in general that’s how you differentiate between religion and shamanism.

Given the Clerics are devote believers in divine entities, a shaman in their roster would be strange and probably rather heretic,
especially since he’d include demons into the cosmos while the Clerics don’t want to coexist with them and vilify them at every given opportunity.
A shaman would probably even condemn the hidden treaty between demons and gods because it’s very one-sided against the demons, thus disturbing the balance of the world.



Because I am one in real life. Obviously this should belong to swordsman class tree. I actually created the C1, 2, 3 skills for this class in my mind before (a rank 8 class). I can share if you guys are interested.


I tried to follow ToS design by taking skills which are in Pyro and Cryo at the same time (Wall, Pillar) and didn’t want to create OP skills. And we have to respect the number of skills that Pyro and Cryo have (7).

I think Electrocute is exactly the same thing, but it needs a charge time to follow your idea. I had the same idea but didn’t want to make a skill similar to Electrocute but more powerful. Now as the class is an expert of thunder spells it’s actually not a bad idea, and so yeh my Thundermancer feel a little bit poor. I prefer your idea of “Unlimited Power!!!”.

I don’t really like the idea, I wanted to create an AoE spell that can micro stun multiple targets. A root is kind of useless if it’s on a single target for PvE, and really too powerful in PvP, even if the target can still attack. The spread damage would be a little too much with Electrocute/Unlimited Power.

Nah it wont :p. Thunder Judgement is a kind of easter egg to a spell from Tales of Symphonia, and I don’t like the idea of a spell related to a god and a “divine” weapon. Thunder Judgement would be a finisher and a good combo with Cryo freeze.

Thundermancer should only have micro stuns in his spells as Electric Pillar would already “stun” mobs (or not, we can imagine Electric Pillar with a lot of multihit but no “stun” at all), Cryo needs to stay the class we take for hard CC.


featherfoot isnt real and bokor is voodoo

plus either way, this class is based on native americans


oop you just debunked my entire class

but FR
we need more african, south american, native american based classes… we have soo many european and asian based classes, and the only african/sa/na based class are bokor and macumbeiro :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Yeah, I’d like to see something e.g. based on Yoruba religion. That’s probably as close as one can get to shamanism without leaving religion.

As it’s basically featuring a system of spiritual transcendence, growth and death&rebirth, it could produce a good complement to Priest and Sadhu.

It even comes with a good costume :slight_smile:


Yes i do agree that we do need a little more diversity
i would like some ancient classes that would be cool
like a class based on mesoamericans (Aztecs/Incas/Mayans) Ancient religions

an Aztec preist could revolve around offerings and sacrifices… reading up on them though some sacrifices might be a bit too brutal/complex though xD so maybe not

a better one for this game would be a mayan preist, there seems to be different kinds though, but they seem to be based around spirit animals and sacrafices as well

out of all three the incan preist would fit the game the best, these ones are more curing the sick and mummies and stuff, and sacrafices too

i think an ancient egypt or some more voodoo classes would be good


I’d still like to see that Mimic class in the game(the costume is adorable) but since it seems the usual Mimic won’t have much to add I did think of some things, like it using illusions for effects
imo it’d be fun to play it like this(waaay longer than I expected):

  • Five different skills that max at level 1 - Mimicking: Swordsman/Wizards/Cleric/Archer/Scout that would enable the Mimic to… mimic… one advancement for the class that is avaible on their own lodge and the base.

For example, using Mimicking: Archer would enable you to choose any Archer class unlocked by your other characters, so you could use your Archer(base) and Cannoneer(advancement) skills.

Skill points would be allocated exactly like the character being mimicked, as well as the skill hotkeys on the hotbar, and while mimicked you wouldn’t be able to use other Mimic skills(with an exception)

You’d show up in the game wearing the class costume(other cosmetics wouldn’t change) with the weapon equipped by the character, but in your menu you’d still have the Mimic costume and a staff/rod.

As for classes with several costumes(like C3 or R8 quests), Mimicking would equip the current one the character has equipped, and if they don’t have it(mimicking a Retiarius equipped with Nak Muay’s) you’d get the base one.

Stat allocation wouldn’t change, as you’d only mimic the costume and the skills. To not end up being useless mimicking an Assassin, for example, scaling would be adapted: Physical -> Magical; STR -> INT; DEX -> SPR (I think I forgot something), so a Mimicked Musketeer’s Headshot would cause damage based on your Magical Attack, a Nak Muay’s bleed/slow would be based on your INT and a Corsair’s Hexen Dropper would be faster according to your SPR, for example. Every damage would still be considered magical.

Wouldn’t open any shops, of course.

  • One damage skill maxing at level 15 -> Shattering would detonate all other Mimic installments, causing damage to enemies in their vicinity.

Basically the AoE burst of the class, it would interact with other skills in a nice way

  • One illusion-based support/damage maxing at level 10 -> Misconception would be a overheat skill that creates an illusionary ally.

The illusions created would be similar in appearance to the Mimic except for an etheral color and would be meelee attackers only. They would last for a few seconds, be able to hold aggro, follow the caster’s actions and could be killed.

  • One mimicking-based, farming buff maxing at 10 - False Emissary would mimic one monster from the current map.

Duration based on the skill level. It would make all monsters unable to attack you(and vice-versa), but you’d be able to interact with them like NPCs to collect one possible drop from their list, with a certain limit of interactions.

For all effects you’d be a monster, so a player would be able to attack you and cause damage. When this happens, the mimicking would end and you’d have the same % of HP left as the attack left the monster(pray to not get a monster that is one-shotted). Pressinf the attack key would not hit anything, but would cancel the mimic and increase aggro on nearby monsters.

  • Lastly, an illusion- and mimicking-based party wide buff maxing at 5 - Mirroring would create a single illusional copy of every party member around you.

Would be the only Mimic skill avaible for used even after you mimicked another class. Each copy would follow the real one and imitate their actions(much like Shinobi’s Bunshin no Jutsu) and would absorb part of the damage directed at them. Their shattering damage would be base on the original’s attack power.


Class attributes:
Mimicking: Nearby Mirror would make it so instead of mimicking your own lodge, you’d choose from your current party’s classes

Usual enhances for damage.

Buff enhances:
Swordsman - When mimicking a swordsman class, increases max HP by 0,5% per attribute level.
Wizard - When mimicking a wizard class, increases max SP by 0,5% per attribute level.
Cleric - When mimicking a cleric class, increases healing by 0,5% per attribute level.
Archer - When mimicking an archer class, increases evasion by 0,5% per attribute level.
Scout - When mimicking a scout class, increases critical rate by 0,5% per attribute level.

Other attributes:
Weapon Mastery:
Swordsman - When mimicking a shield-user, enables Guard / When mimicking a Two-handed weapon user, increases magical attack based on the original’s weapon damage.
Wizard - Rod-user increases HP/SP regeneration / Staff-user increases damage when spending SP
Cleric - One-handed mace-user decreases cooldown / Two-handed mace-user decreases enemies defense when attacked
Archer - Crossbow-user increases movement speed / Bow-, Musket- or Cannon-user ignores part of the enemies’ defense
Scout - Pistol-user increases attack range / Dagger-user increases minimum critical chance

Probably would need a lot of tweaking, but imho it would end up being quite fun and versatile to play without being unnecessarily overpowered(I think)


Throwing some random ideas here.

Aside from Samurai, I wonder if IMC can bring a beast master (similar to Falconer) and Hwarang here. The Hwarang won’t be too much of a problem if we’re talking about game lore.

We can also have classes that has an affinity with the Goddesses (not necessarily worshiping since they’ll end up in the Cleric tree if we do that). For instance, a class affiliated with Zemyna (Goddess of the Earth) or Jurate (Goddess of Water).



Obviously we need a beserker that deals more damage the lower the health, with a sort of auto heal, and he uses big swords


Magic warrior, he gives up on fighting from distance and specializes in transforming magic damage into physical


Star aligner, he buffs allies and debuffs enemies based on different constellations, like libra to transfer damage from allies to enemies


This is what I thought Oracle would be :sad:


I think your idea of magician could be implemented into Scout tree under the name of “trickster”
He acts like a wizard but he is really not. Fire powers? More like hidden flamethrower. Explosions? More like gun powder + fire. Clones? More like projections/mirrors illusions. He could have mist or dust coulds, poison gas… everything to trick the eye and get you stabbed in the back. This class could work with daggers.