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Class Choice for Swordman-Pelt

Hi , I am new to the game, starting as a swordsman and making a spear build , so I went to pelt , planning to go to hop. What should I get for my 4th class if I want a DPS spear build ?

you can go for Barbarian for some AoE and damage buffs.

Or dragoon since it is also a spear user. Just realized dragon fall has 2 overheat now!

So its either dragoon or barbarian right ? I may try picking up dragoon instead of barb just for the flavour

Dragoon isn’t a bad pick, you’ll need offensive skills for your rotation.

yeah, in the end its pretty much your preference, if the sprout event is till up, you can still avail for the class change vouchers., better use them now in-case u want to do more experiments on your build. :blush:

Is there any sort of improvement to this ? like for example changing hop or peltast into something else

u can keep Pelt for easy lure and level and also def, Hoplite is Good for Bossing bcuz of skill “Pierce”,
you can go Hop,Goon,Barb if u plan on full dps.
And retarius is good for PvP, most players i encountered don’t recommend Retarius if your planning on PvE.

my current build is Hop,Barb,High
but i’m planning on switching my Highlander to Nak Muay when the next patch comes.

I will prolly swap out pelt now for dragoon since I dont really like the tanking method , does your stat get adjusted and your point refunded if you swap class ?

Yes, it will be refunded.

if your gonna swap now, better make use of those class change vouchers of the Sprout event :blush:
the skills and attributes points you used on the class you’ve replaced will be refunded.