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In the Terms of Service there are two lines Im searching for clarification on
(because In my repeated experience of “support” honestly seems to be adamantly avoiding)

…and yes I understand the risks of trolls, however Im certian that I would have much greater success at a more details explination here…

  1. You shall not continuously act in a way to disrupt other players’ gameplay.
  2. You may not engage or attempt to engage in any activities that might hinder the natural progression of the Game.

My question is how would this pertain to simply farming in respect to others that may find themselves entering the zone your in (be it for quest items/ect)…and
How would reports from said “others” be handled if they used these same lines in thier reports against this farming individual (be them friends requesting other friends of friends to report the same)?

would this to be a considerable fear of new players to the game?