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Chronomancer Pass Skill;Smugis Set Skill-Smugis Counterattack

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If i use the Smugis Counterattack Skill of the Smugis Set and use the Pass Skill of the Chronomancer Class after to reduce the cooldown of the Skill, it does not reduce the Cooldowntimer. I had no Timetravelsickness and i used the Skill Smugis before i activate Pass a second time.

Pass Skill is on LVL5, Pass: Additional Reduction on Lvl100, Pass: Focus Time Lvl1. All Related Attributes are acitvated.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use the Smugis Skill from Smugis Set
  2. Use Pass Skill of Chronomancer
  3. Does not reduce the Cooldown of the Smugis Skill
  4. All other Skill Cooldowns are reduced correctly.

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it’s featureeeeeeeeeeee

It is intended. There was a patch which Laima and Pass stopped to work on Set Effect Skills though I can’t find when it was added.