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Chronomancer Ideas for a more fun class

Chronomancer is a support class that lacks enough party support and individual support to ne a considerable pick at least for PvE.

Chronomancer needs to fit a theme around casting builds that gives the possibility of casting multiple skills in as little time as possible to then PASS those cooldowns. This reminds of Machine-Gun builds in other MMOs.

In order to provide this kind of class the following would be recommended:

Grant Chronomancer the capacity of IGNORING after-cast animations.
The first step to making a high skill-spamming build is allowing it to cast everything as soon as it’s available. Allowing Chronomancer class to use all skills as fast as possible will grant a more profiteable window for PASS to be used.

Secondly, i would like to throw out another concept known in other games, Dual Casting.
This could be interpreted in many ways, like casting a skill twice and so on. But personally i would take a different approach for Tree of Savior.

Level 4 Vaivora additional effect; Dual Casting:
Chronomancer is able to cast up to 2 skills at a time, does not include channeling skills.

This new feature would also feed from the initial concept: reducing the window in which skills are cast in order to make PASS more profitable.

Aside of these 2 suggestions, further work requires being done in the chronomancer tree.
Reducing the maximum level of multiple skills in order to make them more useable, currently there’s a total of 85 skill point slots where many other classes have anywhere between 60 to 70 skill point slots. Reducing Stop or Reincarnate to 5 points would allow for a better distribution.

Lastly, I must agree that PASS has been an unhealthy skill to the game for a long time, and in it’s current state it feels almost random because of it’s attribute working only 50% of the time. I would suggest simply increasing the attribute efficiency so it happens up to 100% of the time, therefore removing randomness.

Overall, with changes that allow Chronomancer to be a “Self-buffing” class that permits a character to use it’s skills faster, leading to a substantial damage increase, making builds in combination with Rune Caster, Terramancer and Omnyoji far more effective.

Make Chrono a unique thematical class that someone wants to play, not because it’s overpowered, but because it’s extremely fun and interactive.