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Chronomancer - how to use it now?

Hey guys,

I just started playing TOS again, and I couldn’t help but notice that Chrono is complete thrash right now, I just can’t find a build to fit it.

It was my favourite class because of the buffs, moving faster and they removed it!

I mean, he’s not a good CC (comparing to kino for example) he does not have good buffs, he does not provice good debuffs, what is he meant to do?

is it pvp oriented only now?

I don’t see people picking chronomancer anymore unless it is an old build and people did not want to remodel it.
You are going to pick chronomancer if you want to do some sort of supporting - which I do not know what for - or if you want to use vaviora rod to increase your damage.

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How To Use It Now?
-You dont.


So sad, I was checking on a Korean tier list, they didn’t even bother putting Chrono in it, lol the only class ‘forgotten’

Isn’t Vaivora Rod for Cryomancer?

The game has one for chronomancer build:

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there’s one fro crono too

This is nice! But still not worth playing Chronomancer, lol