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Cheat abuse in silute server

Team name : Voihe4rt

This player one shoted the legend lepidoptera junction. Obviously cheating.



@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Sebastian

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The last Record was unknown-65

imaging cheating in 2020 no he just saitama’d it :omegapopo:

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This is impossible, must be a bug, please look to this player @GM_Francis


It’s called doom

1 Like this really a bug or cheat? i thought we are cheat free already.please take care of this asap


GENIOUS! congratz dude, noone will suspect!
this reminded me bl4ckiito with the “318972189++ velcoffer runs” tittle on his character.
True gods of tree of savior, omg

when you feeling dumb, just come and read this thread hahah
This guys dont have to be banned from ToS, this MUST be banned from the Internet lul

Hello @gustavosoldi,

We will look into this report as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hi @GM_Francis any news on the case? It’s very frustrating for us players that maintained the record and where always trying to do better and get a new faster record. We lost all of our motivation because of the cheater. I can only imagine when the patch where there will be a record board so everyone can see… all hope will be lost because of the abused instakill that is impossible to replicate without cheating.

By any chance is it possíble to reset the timer on the record?

They have never added any form of record board or method to view the record for Lepidoptera Junction Normal, even in KR.

There is a ranking board in KR for the new legend raid, Lepidoptera Junction (Hard), and a time attack ranking for clearing Dimensional Collapse 11, but nothing else.

Nothing impedes him from going to the hard mode and doing the same. It’s funny because It was only on silute and the player didn’t log on anymore although having a level 450 character.

They already said they’re looking into it, so yes, there is.

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Aparently he or them are testing the cheat on other servers too, look at the new thread about someone ranking high at bernice dungeon with crappy character

I guess nothing fixed

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