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Cheap Wizard Guide For Starters

For Newbies Only!
A Cost Efficient Build for Starters. Focused on Amissdog and Solo CM Stage5

The Build
Pyromancer Elementalist FeatherFoot

Skill Allocation

Stat Allocation
Full INT


  1. Weapon
    Unique Lv 380
    Minimum Magic Attack Requirement : 10,000
    Staff - Transcendence Stage 5 | Anvil Enhancement +11 | Blue Gem Lv 6 x5
    Stats : INT / CON / SPR Any of this major stat will do the job.
    Tip *Finishing the “Main Quest Line” (Yellow Flag) up to Astral Tower (Ignas) gives you roughly 15 - 18 Million Silver. Save that up so you can get your hands on a [Asio Staff Recipe] for a free Transcendence Stage 5. *
  • Asio Staff
    DEX ▲ 53
    INT ▲ 121
    SPR ▲ 63
    Fire Property Attack ▲ 402
    AoE Attack Ratio ▲ 1

Staff for more Fire Property Damage
Pyromancer Attribute Staff Mastery : Fire
​*When equipped with a [Staff], increases damage dealt with Fire property magic attacks by 5% per attribute level​

Free Practonium

  1. Armor
    Unique Lv 380
    Minimum Phyisical Defense Requirement : 8,500
    Kedoran Galaktikos Full Plate Armor Set
    No Trans No Anvil Enhancement No Gem No Stats
    (Free) Obtainable through completing Pajauta’s Quest Line

Wizard Attribute Plate Mastery : Defense
*Allows you to equip [Plate] armor
15% Physical Damage reduced when the player is equipped with 4 pieces of [Plate] armor

  1. Accessory
  • Necklace: Gift of Demise
    Magic Defense ▲ 222
    INT ▲ 11
    Maximum SP ▲ 622
    Magic Attack ▲ 32
    (Free) Obtainable through completing Astral Tower Quest Line

  • Bracelet: Schaffen Bracelet Fragment
    Magic Defense ▲ 111
    INT ▲ 6
    Maximum HP ▲ 110
    Critical Magic Attack ▲ 118
    (Free) Obtainable through completing Astral Tower Quest Line

  1. Cards
  • Red
    Chapparition Card x3
    ​[Card Equip Effect] Magic Damage +[★]% for 6 seconds after using any type of SP potion

  • Purple
    Gazing Golem Card x1
    [Card Equip Effect] [★]% chance of using Lv1 Pain Barrier upon being hit
    Rikaus Card x2
    ​[Card Equip Effect] SP Potion Effects +[★]%

  • Blue
    Zaura Card x2
    [Card Equip Effect] Physical Defense +[★]%
    Nuaele Card x1
    ​[Card Equip Effect] Magic Defense +[★]%
    Since this two cards are expensive. I suggest that you join Card Album Parties to get them or you can just leave “Blue Card Slot Blank”.

  • Green
    Pyroego Card x3
    ​[Card Equip Effect] INT +[★]

Pros & Cons

  1. High survivability
  • Levitation: For a brief period of time, your character levitates. While levitating, you are immune to [Melee] attacks but receive additional damage from [Missile] attacks.
  1. Able to hold mobs and disable boss monsters
  • Elementalist Attribute: Hail Freeze
    *Enemies hit by [Hail] have a 5% chance per attribute level of becoming afflicted with [Freeze] for 5 seconds

  • Pyromancer Skill: Fire Pillar
    *Summons a pillar of fire to inflict damage on enemies. Stun-locks enemies in place which makes it a good crowd control skill.

  • Elementalist Skill: Stone Curse
    *Temporarily petrifies an enemy. Petrified enemy takes additional damage from [Fire] property attacks and reduced damage from other properties. Great for disabling a handful of enemies.
    This skill will change the enemies “Elemental” property. It’s a great skill against Mutants and Plant type monsters

  1. Cost efficient
  • Featherfoot Attribute: Increased Recovery
    *Increases HP and SP recovery from skills and potions by 0.5% per attribute level​

  • Less SP potion needed
    Rikaus Card x2
    ​*SP Potion Effects +20%

  • Less Skill Materials
    Pyromancer Skill : Hell Breath
    Skill Material : Pyrite (1:50Silver)
    The only skill that uses a skill material in this build.

FeatherFoot Skills allows you to self heal without the use of HP potions.

  • Blood Bath Causes: enemies under the [Curse] debuff to [Bleed]. Bathing in the blood from the targeted enemy recovers the caster’s HP.

  • Blood Sucking: Drains and gains HP from Beast, Devil, Insect-type enemies and enemies under the [Curse] debuff. AOE is small and you cannot rotate while channeling this skill

  • Blood Curse: Sacrifices the caster’s own blood to deal additional damage to enemies and put them under [Cursed by Blood] debuff. Enemies under [Cursed by Blood] have their SP recovery reduced to 0 and heals the attacker’s HP when attacked.


  1. Fireball + Storm Dust combo - Using [Storm Dust] on [Fireball] attacks will cause [Fireball] to split and attack enemies within the range of the [Storm Dust].

  2. Flame Ground + Meteor combo - * [Meteor] applies as 5 hits on enemies receiving damage from [Flame Ground]​

Solo CM Stage 5


(IMC if you are watching my Amissdog video. I do not know if this can be called an exploit. I’m just doing this to help newbies out) Please do not ban me. :sad:


  1. Lure to the ride side of the map and [Levitate]. Just like I did in the video.
    This way it can’t knock you down. It can still damage you thou so be careful.
    It’s like having infinite [Pain Barrier]

  2. Always face between to 2:00-3:00 o’clock.
    This way it wont have any ideas of escaping you by using his dash skill.

  3. Buff up!

  • Wizard Skill: Magic shield Lv5
    *Create a protective shield around you that absorbs enemy attacks.
    This buff will save you from getting one hit K.O’d.

  • Pyromancer Skill: Enchant Fire Lv15
    *Temporarily grants Fire property to your attacks.
    This will boost all your Fire property skills

  1. Burst Burst Burst !!!
    *Kyahhhh!!! :satisfaction:

Skill Combos / Sequence

(1) Bone Pointing + Ngadhundi + Kundela Slash + Blood Bath
(2) Levitate + Blood Curse

(3) Fire Pillar + Hell Breath
(4) Flame Ground + Meteor
(5) Prominence + (3) + (4)

Poison + Fire
(6) Levitate + Blood Curse + Enervation + Fire Claw

(7) Fire Ball + Storm Dust
(8) Hail + Fire Combo or Poison Combo
(9) Stone Curse + Fire Combo

Important Stuff to Remember

  1. Use your skill HP regeneration skills when low on Health Points.

  2. You can not regenerate HP from [Blood Bath] while your character is using [Levitate].

  3. When to use [Elemental Essence] - Before / After casting [Hail] or [Stone Curse] + Combo

  4. When to use [Lethargy] Before using any combo.

  5. When to use [Kurdaitcha] When waiting for other skills to Cooldown.

  6. When to use [Earth Quake] When you find yourself stuck between mobs.

  7. When to use [Magic Missile] When enhancing your gears. :distinguished:

  8. [Blood Curse] is suicidal without skill attribute. Make sure you turn them on.

FeatherFoot Skill Attribute

  • Blood Curse Limit: When using [Blood Curse], HP consumption reduced to 40% but duration for [Cursed by Blood] increases by 7 seconds.

  • Drop of Blood: When losing HP from skill Blood Curse, you will always remain with at least 1 HP.

Why FeatherFoot

  1. Other class / builds consumes way too much skill material. It’s very important that we save lots of silver as much as we can. So that we can upgrade / get better gears.
    You can change your build later on if you are confident enough to go for a stronger DPS build.
    Ex: Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist / RuneCaster - Chronomancer - Taoist

  2. Time Saving. With FeatherFoot (Bossing Scenario eg: Amissdog) You don’t have to run around / kite to regenerate your characters Health by using HP potions. As shown in the Amissdog video.

  3. You get to be a Vampire Wizard.:prince:
    FeatherFoot is the only Wizard Class that has regeneration abilities.

Special Thanks To My Telsian Friends
To Kokoromi and Osilator for trying out my build.
To Riesu and Linak for the pointers.

Note: Message me if there is anything you’d like to ask / clarify about this build.

For those who are asking if this build is dead. It’s not. I will update this soon when I get the time.


bump, keep going :satisfaction:

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Cheap Wizard Guide For Starters

2x Zaura +1x Nuaele card

Isn’t that a bit too expensive for someone who can supposedly only afford a level 380/400 unique weapon T5/+11?

Buying some trans 4-6 berthas armor from market would probably be cheaper, you don’t need to focus on stacking INT/SPR early on, just some CON should be fine


I know your guide is not complete but I would recommend you to explain how featherfoot works because it is a good class but it might not be simple for beginners to understand the mechanics of playing it.

Keep up your good job and I think it’s awesome when the community creates things to help new players (and sometimes old ones too lol). Thank you for your contribution, amj110388 :smiley:

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I strongly agree. For a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend Featherfoot but simply go with the basic Pyro Ele Tao build. It’s a no brainer pushbutton build that would be much easier to play.

Featherfoot is a rare choice for someone new, but it’s not a bad option, add survival to your build (you can fly to avoid damage and absorb mop hp) and add good damage.

Edit: Not a bad option, but not the best.

Great guide man!! Keep up the good job. :star_struck: Looking forward to your amiss dog video.

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Good tips & suggestions! Looking forward to seeing more of your contents :satisfaction:

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Updated. Thanks! :haha:

Edited. Thanks!

I did not want to recommend Armaos Card or Golem Card… This way they can save their fodder cards to level up their Zaura Card & Nuaele Card once they obtain it later on.

Check out my videos if you haven’t watched them.

I hope it will enlighten you how FeatherFoot plays a very important role in this build.

nice, OMOT! never thought of that way to beat amiss

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You’re welcome!

Had alot of struggles before I came up with this strategy. :haha:

Can’t wait to try this. :smile:

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