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Chat keep error, so disappointed, shall i quit Tos.

feel sh1t, keep error for 3rd week, very disappointed
maybe other game will do good

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well its not our business to tell you to quit or not. its up to you.

players who hate or rants on the game will tell you to quit.
players who are regulars who just take this situation in stride would just not bother if one would quit or not.

in the end its up to you. you can stop for now then come back later, or just stop and forget about this.


Ah look. Yet another quitting announcement.


Just chill, man… How long you been here? Guess you’re not an old School like myself, lemme Tell you, this is normal, every major update is like that since early access, rank 7 and so on, things like this are actually expected to happen, you can wait on a hiatus until they properly fix chat glitches or quit, but rest assure that they WILL fix the game as soon as possible.


the real question is, why you still not quitting? like bruhhhhhh…
3 weeks of ranting in forum and in game like every time chat error pops, automatically we see your rant in shout.
I get it, we are all disappointed. But for that straight 3 weeks, you’ve been ranting and talking trash about the game,but still keeps playing whole day straight until now. Are you some kind of masochist?

If i were you and im on that level of disappointment, i would have already quit the first week and just wait until all’s well to come back. But NO! lets just Rant in shout whenever chat error pops, then move to forum and create rant threads.
IMC staff, a well rounded company of seasoned professionals in field, should listen to us, because we have a higher IQ than them even we are just basement dwellers you just play their game all day for free.

/20characters it is lel

yes please, imc dont ever welcome you.

Chat server is fixed though.

Chat in Fedimian is pretty stable now i think, doing queue without problem since yesterday

maybe h doesn’t really check and just logs in hear to make posts like this?

Chat is somewhat improving. But channel stability gone worse, by lot. Last night Klai ch2 crashed at least 4 times in less than 20 minutes.

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