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Chat error and Automatch current state?

Feels like they are on the right track of finally fixing the terrorising chat and auto que server issues. Yesterday evening and night seemed to work fine for me playing on Fedimian beside the 1 channel crash in orsha i had. But that is prolly a separate issue.

How are things looking for the rest of you? Are they not quite in goal yet or does it feel fixed?

If the case is that chat server and auto que is fixed, ide like to thank the crew for their work or at least for the work they are putting in right now at solving it. Even though I still feel that communications could have been a lot better.


lets hear our most protested player regarding this, @casconyu ?

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unfortunately the channels keep falling from time to time, but it has decreased, each fall was every 10 minutes now it is 30 minutes, I don’t know if I laugh or cry …

Chat and autoqueue r normal for me on Silute. Channels still crash tho.

Klai Server:
Channel and CM Instance (Automatch) will crash like 1 of every 20 rounds.
Chat Server and Automatch is working now.