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Charis - RMT on Fedimian EU

Let me preface this by saying that I know I’m guilty here, yet this doesn’t change the fact that Charis is a scammer and takes part in RMT activities.

TL;DR: after several successful trades, Charis asked for silver in advance, didn’t pay and blocked me.

Here is our complete Discord conversation, starting back in November when he/she first contacted me:

I assume Charis is betting on his/her guild’s (Maid Cafe) protection, or IMC not caring as usual. But either way I figured I can’t just let it slide after the audacity of this person. I really hope this blows up enough for IMC to look into it.

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hope this is just a DarkPlague alt account.


To be honest, I see no evidence in this. Someone scammed RMT guy, but they never ever met in game.

Now lets see how Maid Cafe will defend their rmt guys :slight_smile:

Maybe some video when you click show profile Charis and of course from this conversation. Other way this can be fake account for make ***storm.

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you dont have to be a maid cafe guy to understand that a screen of discord, where you can change nick, doesnt prove anything
but like if yo uwanan play dumb:


I love seeing the blind defenders of RMT cafe

just report her kek.
for now the only one banned was not in maid tho.

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Imc should start investigation about Charis account , like was same with DarkPlague

To be honest I’ve being knowing her for years and we actively fought bots (even by recording) and suspiciously high prices in market and reported them to IMC multiple times.

Also she’s a really dedicated player, she completed every single collection in the game, even the useless ones, all the games gimmicks and basically got all the titles in game, I don’t think that she would risk her account she spent years to complete over 300m. (Also because she is a dedicated farmer and by far NOT a poor person, silver wise, because she was literally sitting Baubas for hours before the silver removal, and she is a very active endgame player in general)

Nontheless, I’ll wait IMC official response over a possible investigation.

post discord handle, full discord name with #numbers.

let me guess, you wont, you know why? cos you can fake it, like i did wit hthat screen. kek

This has a really really easy solution. Just show this “Charis” discord handle on the screenshot. @Timberly

Tbh, someone can just photoshop something like that pretty easily, but let’s see.

Well, the conversation posted does mention specific items, costs and dates, so all IMC has to do is checking their own logs to either prove or disprove it.


i like the last pic the best, bitch you think Charis is stupid? Anyone who has half a brain would not get caught doing rmt other then game activity/logs this looks madeup as ■■■■.

Screenshot prove nothing, it’s may be fake.
Can you make a video with your phone about this discussion and we have to see the #number? Would be great.

Also like @Don_Falce said, they can check the log with the specific items and see if it’s real or fake

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian it’s really important because it can be false accusation or real.

indeed, super easy to check, and not by a fake screenshot.

also, since you already confessed of being an rmter, whats your in game nick? @Timberly? :<

Show us Charis’ Discord Tag, so we can see if it’s the real one.
If not then you’re just a liar.
you can’t just say Charis RMTs without showing proof outside of DMs.
Every evidence matters, including other stuff as well.

@Timberly Hope you read this, and respond accordingly.

No need to make a feud here, just bring it straight to GM and let them discuss if it’s real or not.

Can’t really judge anything from this but can’t also discredit it entirely.