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Character STUCK! Plz HELP!

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : -3 Buenos Aires

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Carambula

Character Name: Berugo

Bug Description :
Server crashed yesterday and when it came back online my character was dead inside Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge.
The thing is that I don’t see the window that says “revive at nearest Revival Point” and my char is there, laying on the flood, dead, whithout anything I can do about it.
Is there something to do about this? Maybe a ingame command or something?
My character name is Berugo (team name Carambula).

Screenshots / Video :

Hello @akumanegai,

We have moved your character named “Berugo” to Klaipeda city.
Please let us know via support ticket if the issue still persists.

Thank you.

Welcome to the No-Pop-Up club, am one of it oldest member :pensive:

Every time this happens, just go back to lodge (or log out), get back in and your char should be alive…

At least the times where like 80% of the maps made you lose your gems, cards and will to live is gone…

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