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Chaplain Visible Talent ART: In Goddess’ Name

The [Visible Talent] buff no longer accumulates damage. It now causes you to ignore the enemy’s block and evasion when attacking, and deal additional damage in proportion to their block and evasion.

So, any dmg i deal with ARTS and buff on, will ignore block and eva, thinking about that, we have Breaking Wheel, that my allies could hit and spread the dmg, at lvl 100 i think the SFR is 989% of my physical dmg every 0.3s, then we have

[Arts] Judgment: Summary Decision

[Judgment] is changed to debuff against enemy *Removes additional damage of Holy property, attack received from the caster is changed to be judged as Demon property Cannot apply with [Judgment: Provoke] at the same time * Duration: 10 seconds

so i can use some demon dmg cards/ichors maybe? so my dmg from alies at my wheel while judgement is up became amplified

And the cherry on top, Zealot’s various debuffs and Blind Faith: Holy Impact

  • Increases damage received by enemies when hit by the critical attacks from Blind Faith by 10% per attribute level for 10 sec.

Thinking about this build, maybe a STR/CON/Crit/DMg against demon build could work? i can easily amplify my team mate dmg while also dealing a good amount of dmg, paired with a Linker/Falco i think could work even in a Singularity.

not spread damage

lasts only 10s, the debuff that turns into a demon

if i’m not mistaken i think this art only works on AA, since the visible talent itself only works on AA