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Chaplain/Zealot/Druid build help

I’m trying to focus on lycanthropy: human form and figured the best way to do that would be an auto attack build. So far it feels good at level 200 but what to hear others thoughts.

Right now im
Heal 5
Cure 4
Fade 1
Guardian saint 5

Last rites 15
Aspergillum 1
Binatio 15
Deploy cappella 0
paraclitus time 1
visable talent 5
Left over 8 points

invulnerable 1
immolation 1
beady eyed 1
fanaticism 5
fanatic illusion 1
blind faith 5
emphatic trust 0
Left over 15 points

I plan on maxing emphatic trust, fanaticism, and blind faith but dont know what to spend the rest of the points on for zealot. Immolation and fanatic illusion are only there for the Binatio combo which are great for farming but dont see a reason to increase them past 1. Beady eyed crit looks nice so thats the one I’m thinking about but invulnerable sounds like I might need it late game since I dont think clerics are supposed to have good accuracy but I dont know.
As for Chaplain im unsure if deploy cappella even affects me since it says allies even if it did im not sure if its the best option to increase. Other option is Aspergillum but dont my attacks already splash anyway? Why would I want this skill, would love someone to explain.
Finally druid maxing lycanthropy and I guess chortasmata for the healing ground but cant see a use for any other skills but ill take suggestions.

Only issue I have right now is when binatio goes down my damage is somewhat lacking. Still good enough to defeat bosses but the nuke is gone I’m hoping blind faith will fix this once I’m a higher level but this is the first time I’ve gone auto attack so dont really know much for this game. Also what stats should I be focusing on. Im not sure what damage type human form has, it says physical, magical but who knows how much of each it is. I also dont know if holy property is treated as magic many games I play that have this property treat it as its own thing and it doesnt get buffs from magical stuff

Good lord, what is happening in here?

There’s a lot to unpack.

Surely you’d want 1 point in Smite just to get its physical damage buff? I’m not sure if Cure is even essential these days. I’ve managed to get by without it.

Chaplain after the rebalance is somewhat unfamiliar to me, but supposedly Last Rites is not exactly worth maxing anymore, so it’s kept at 1 point. Aspergillum quite literally splashes enemies, but this is just part of its flavor text. I’m pretty sure you max this one just because it has an actual skill factor rather than dealing just elemental damage. It also scales off magic attack, so don’t expect it to hit that hard either way.

Also, Deploy Cappella has been an amazing skill. At maximum upgrades, I think it boosted holy damage by about 160%. It also has an alternate attribute that greatly increases its uptime, but reduces the boost to 80%. As an Installation type skill, it gets an additional level from Druid’s Henge Stone.

You’re probably going to want to max Immolation, Fanatic Illusion, and Emphatic Trust because they deal decent damage. Emphatic Trust in particular deals holy damage, which works well with Capella. Beady Eyed is also a skill to max. You’ll want to have as much of a chance to crit as possible when you have something like Sterea Trofh in your build.

I’d put STR, CON, and possibly SPR in high priority, with DEX and INT in lower priority. For bonus stat investment, you should probably just dump everything into STR.

The only skill dealing magic damage in your build should be Aspergillum. All of Druid’s skills deal physical damage if you toggle on the attribute that switches Druid from a magic class to a physical class.

Here’s an example build I made. It may or may not be correct, but I think it is.

On the whole, I think this build will be “ok” at handling single targets, small groups of mobs in regular fields, and just finishing the main quests. With Druid’s Healing Garden Art for Chortasmata, you’ll have a powerful heal over time with minimal downtime. Even if Fanaticism is up, it should be enough to facetank through a decent amount of content. However, it may struggle a little bit in Challenge Mode. Not at all a problem if you join a party, of course.

So this has been working out really well with the only real issue being survivablity but nothing a good potion shouldnt fix. Now im 380 and ready to chose my free weapon but I’m unsure if I should go 2h mace or 1h with shield or 1h with dagger. I would think 2h since its more damage but I dont know if the others give any benefits other than a shield gives defense. Also not sure what armor type to get I’ve been using plate and its been nice but leather might be the better option

Personally, I’d just go with a 2h Mace because the main point of a build like this is to deal damage. You also get a little bit more magic attack this way. Relatively easy gears to Ichor such as the Masinios Two Handed Mace & Trinket can last a long time. There’s even the Misrus 2h Mace, which was specifically made for Chaplain.

However, 1h Mace + Shield has some pretty interesting options. Right off the bat, there’s the Moringponia Shield, which gives good amounts of STR, CON, and SPR. It also doubles your crit rate for a short time on a successful block. If you stack this with things like Red Gems on top/bottom and the Ignas Plate top/bottom Ichors, you should have a decent shot at being able to block attacks.

As for actual maces, the Masinios 1h Mace and Asio 1h Mace are the immediately available options that come to mind. There is also a Vaivora 1h Mace for Chaplain, though how realistic of a goal that is is up to you.

As a damage build, you should probably get a full set of leather armor. It has the most balanced defense of the three and its full set bonuses give you more damage and crit chance. You may or may not know this by now, but you can use Ichors of any armor type no matter what kind of Legend armor you’re using.

If you’re having trouble with survivability, you may want to consider having Fade with its Shift attribute ready for tough situations. It gives you 30 frames of invincibility, which is not much but still guarantees that you get some amount of healing if you’re on Chortasmata. Additionally, it increases the healing you get and decreases the damage you take by 15% for 12 seconds.