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Chaplain Math - Intelligence vs Spirit (mainly Priest Math)

why does cure and heal deals 2xint?

Heal base damage calculation: 35 + ([Skill Level] - 1) × 8 + INT
Cure base damage calculation: rounddown(6 + ([Skill Level] - 1) × 1.8 + INT)
Then you have to add MAtk which also scales with INT
-> 2xINT :slight_smile:


We can see that a INT-Chaplain will have a stronger Aspersion (stronger autos), Heal, Mass-Heal and stronger Magic Attack Skills than a SPR Chaplain.

Isn’t it the opposite?

That sentence is correct for the current patch. It will change with kTOS patch. I’ll remove the line so that it’s clearer where it belongs :smiley:

I added a cure graph. Thanks - I missed that change :slight_smile:

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and formula for exorcism and magnus?

There is no INT in the base dmg, so it only scales with MATK -> 1x INT

Just curious, did you you factor in blessing in cure damage?

This has me curious.

Let’s say at rank 10 (should the game last long enough for us to get it). You get 90% more INT. So in the equation [(SPR x 0.06) + (INT x 0.02)] x (skill lv - 1), let’s substitute INT with 1.9 x INT. We get [(SPR x 0.06) + (1.9 x INT x 0.02)] x (skill lv - 1). Simplifying we get [(SPR x 0.06) + (INT x 0.038)] x (skill lv - 1)

Even at the highest (assumed) rank SPR will still scale better for the “new bless”


In the kTOS Spell Damage diagram, Blessing is added everywhere. I’ll reword it in the OP :slight_smile:

you are aboslutely right. Nothing (not lvl nor class ranks) will change any order of the graphs

than the formula for MATK?
issit MATK = int + weapon matk?

Magic Attack in your character sheet = CharacterLVL + INT + Any MATK on equip

ok and then lets say i got exorcism that do 500 dmg how do i calculate my dmg?

Exorcise Tooltip dmg = 500?
that’s quite simplified: (500 + Magic Attack + Property Damage) * (1 + Attribute%)
Magic Attack from Character Sheet

So if you’d have 800 Matk, Attribute lvl 50 and Sacrament lvl 10. it would be:
(500 + 800 + 40) * (1+ 0,5) = 2010

but you have to check enemy property, enemy defense and so on.
To calculate the final dmg check the dmg-formula:

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Thanks for crunching the numbers for us!

From your explanation, can I conclude that, assuming this is an investment for when the patch finally comes here, spr is better than int is for Chaplains?

Is this solely because of Blessing? What if there is a really cool int-based class at rank 8?

Coincidentally, I started a new toon a day ago and he’s gonna be an aspiring Chaplain someday. Your numbers help me a lot haha.

SPR will be better for auto-attacking as Chaplain solely because of the Blessing changes. That’s why the gap with a 5-Hit Chaplain is even greater.
But if you have further classes with many Magic Attacks INT might be favored as all those attacks wouldn’t be as effective with a SPR build.

To let numbers talk a little bit more:
An INT-Chaplain with maxed Aspersion Attribute will reach ~92,5% of the auto-attack damage increase potential of a SPR-Chaplain with maxed attribute.
If we add cafrisun the potential gets lowered to ~87%.

But for Magic Attacks an INT-Chaplain damage increase potential is
with attribute lvl 0
~431% for double-INT-scaling spells and ~242% for standard-int-scaling spells
with maxed attribute the values get ~808% and 431%.

If you’re using Magic Attack inbetween auto attacks the overall DPS of an INT-chaplain will still be much better

INT will still be viable even with Blessing update. At least if you want to focus on Aspergillum and Last Rites over Blessing. Also don’t forget that the INT bonus will be even higher when 8th rank is added.

Problem is, int is only for yourself while blessing increases the damage done by 5 poeple. How will the math look in this case when comparing int and spr chaplains?

The kTOS Blessing Bonus on an INT-build is about 52% of a SPR-build.
You’d have to check how many Hits per second your party does to determine the difference in DPS and if an INT-Chaplain could compensate that with his Magic Attacks.

You guys are calculating about DPS but and with support/dps build? I think spr would be better to dps but Im 2:1 int/spr because my cleric heals get SO higher with INT, its like maybe 600-700 more heal in each tile, do you guys think its worth stay with int cause of this? ( I do love have good dps tho, and with the new blessing buff it would be better go spr but i dont know if the low heal will keep them up and be efficient)

As you described, those are exactly the decisions to take.
Everyone has to decide what his goal is.
I only wanted to show the consequences of choosing INT vs SPR.

As said before, SPR might not be the best decision for DPS. It depends on your (and your parties) class composition.