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Chaplain: Lots of questions about this class


While I was theorycrafting with builds about and stuff, I came to the conclusion I wanted to make another healer. I already have one fs priest/oracle/kabalist but since my guild usually runs out of priests to switch characters and do other raids and velcoffers, I was wondering if I should make another priest.

I wanted something diffente, a nice support but with some defensive and offensive capabilities outside plague doctor or druid. Then I remembered chaplain exists.

I thought about being Priest-Chaplain-Paladin.
Why these 3 classes? Cause priest and paladin can give quite good support while I can dish some dps with autoattacks using chaplain skills.
Also, chaplain has a good spr ratio and some con, so it’s ok for support hybrid builds I guess

I’d like to ask about several skills of this class.

Last Rites: Is it really that bad? a lot of people don’t lvl this skill at all. Why? Is sacrament better? I know it only works with autoattacks, but aren’'t chaplain supose to do autoattacks??

Deploy Capella: Description seems nice. But I tried with a new character and it doesn’t seem to improve my damage at all (using last rites, aspergilium and pardoner buffs). Does it works only with holy element skills? If that so, I guess is great if you want to be Exorcist, otherwise, is it worth to lvl up this skill?? Also, that ■■■■■■■ skill casting animation is killing me.
Can someone explain how does this skill really work?

Binatio: attack speed is good. But is it really that good? I mean, shoul I max this skill?

Thanks in advance.
Please, don’t try to give me advice about switching classes cause xxxxx is way better.

Last Rites is that bad. It’s “okay” against super tanky bosses like challenge mode bosses, but vs velcoffer for example it’s just terrible because his HP pool is so huge. Flat damage in general is in a very bad place atm.

Deploy Capella is super overpowered and is the only reason to actually go chaplain tbh. Yes, the casting animation is cancer, and yes it only works with holy element damage. It will boost aspergillum, sacrament, and last rites, but also as you said exorcist skills. It’s most useful to boost bullet markers however as they have silver bullet which turns their damage into holy.

Attack speed is good, but is it really that good? No, it’s not. At most you can fit 9 points into it if you skip last rites entirely (which you should as priest).

Now to the crux of the issue. Auto attacks are absolute garbage, even with aspergillum tacked on. They deal mediocre damage while Visible Talent is up, and negligible damage when it isn’t, which is why chaplain is not a class worth picking for damage. I play monk chaplain exorcist, and even with double punchs attack speed bonus, chaplain is still what’s holding me back even more than monk is by far.

Paladin is decent. Not great but it’s okay. Barrier has some use to push away enemies, and Sanctuary will boost everyone who stand in its damage by the amount of your own physical defense gets increased (so stacking plate armor + shield is a must) and add it on top of all their attacks exactly like blessing (it ignores armor). If you stack a lot of spr restoration becomes decent too, but it’s not good without high spr.

The redeeming factor about chaplain is paraclitus time giving you permanent knockdown resistance which is a godsend as healer.


But a warning as well:

Priests are becoming nerfed HARD in the future, giving revive a 5 minute cooldown, Mass Heal a 30 second cooldown, and limiting Resurrection to 1 use per raid. That’s also a reason to not pick chaplain over lets say kabbalist, plague doctor, or pardoner in this build. Plus healer classes will make regular heal better if you have them.