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Chaplain Last Rites and Aspergillium tests

it’s on my to-do list XD but i think i’d need another player to test, because if it’s “block”, it’ll be hard to test on monsters D:

maybe a priest with stone skin

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Well first I guess it would be enough if we would know if it has anything to do with Last Rites damage…but that part is already strange because the translation mention Revive at that part too…Something seems off. X)

Btw the description that google translate gave us back then seemed quite suspicious…maybe it’s something combined like you get +60% damage when you penetrate block while Revive and Last Rites is on.

Oh and you can also just check your Block Penetration Stat when those buffs are on. If it’s just extra block penetration maybe it shows it.

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yeah, maybe it’ll update on my character stats, i’ll try level the attribute tomorrow


tested it lv 1 today, no change in my character chart at least D: so it’ll need to be a more in-dept test G_G

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It might be asking too much but, could you do these tests following these instructions?

  • Unequip everything
  • Test it on mobs that aren’t Dark type mobs and that aren’t Ghost property.


i’ll test somethings today, i might include this ;D

i’m having trouble to figure out what the revive + last rites do… i’ll just record it anyway, so people might figure it out :confused:




here is the dmg showcase[?]

and me testing the attribute, but failing to figure what it does @_@

Linke Here

having video quality problems again G_G
i think i got how it works now…


well…maybe it is still something when you penetrate block ( I hope damage and not extra block penetration :smiley: )… we also don’t know btw if both buffs are necessary but still we should find out first what does it do… XD

I think it would be the best to test it on a swordman with high block who can manually block maybe… but I dunno if you could find anyone. Maybe we have to wait till iobt with this… xD

i don’t think there is such a thing as “Penetrated block”, i think block as a “dodge”, and block penetration as “hit”, then either the attack is blocked or not, the block penetration just lowers the block chance

i could be wrong, but then again, i can’t test it alone :frowning:

Well I guess you are right… the most likely that left is that it is just more block penetration what doesn’t show up in the stat window… I guess… or no idea…XD

…but nvm…it doesn’t change my build in any way so at worst we will figure it out in the obt… X)

Does anyone know if enhance attributes factor to the base damage of an ability or the damage after modifiers?

I.e. if my aspersion is level 1, does the enhance attribute only boost the ‘98+ SPR’ damage, or is that damage plus int modifiers?

Reason I ask is if the enhance is only on the base damage, than it makes more sense to rank up the skill. If it is after int modifiers then I could comfortably leave aspersion at 1, knowing that I am just missing out on around 300 damage per hit.

i never did really tested it but if you take Cure as an example…

it’s base damage sux hard, but it’s overall damage is insane
so the attribute must have effect in the final damage

(90% sure, but then again, never tested it)

All but bonus damage, source:



Before Open Beta begins, I’ve been looking at the attributes of all classes again to check whether there are any awkward sentences and mistranslations.
The latter applies to one of the Chaplain’s attributes. You see, TOSBase directly grabs the skills information from the Github repository where the official English translation is available.

The current description is wrong and I’ve changed it to:
Increases the block penetration on the attack that hits an enemy by 15% per attribute level while [Last Rites] and [Revive] are in effect.

If you see any inconsistencies or mistranslations, feel free to contact me.
When Open Beta begins, there will be a dedicated subforum for text issues regarding translation and localization.

Thank you for creating this topic because it made me aware of this issue. :slightly_smiling:


Love your work Spadow! Thank you for your contribution in this community.

By the way could you look at the Paladin Resist Elements?

Revise its wording as the bit where it decreases the magic defense of nearby enemies makes it seem that the magic defense decrease of enemies is also part of its aura. (Unless it is, and I’m to blind to see it in all the paladin videos)

Edit: Please and Thank You

Sorry to bump the old topic, but apparently this is still the most in-depth knowledge at hand. Has there been any research on Last Rites since? Do we now know what does the skill (and the hp bonus) exactly do?

nope, but i started my chaplain on iToS today xD, maybe in a few weeks i’ll record better videos on it :smiley:

Hi, I’m curious to know how this works! would love to hear the results of your research :slight_smile:

from what i’ve seen, your mdef is reduced if you are around by the time he cast the spell, not as a constant decrease wherever the pally go.

i say this because one of the mobs at the lvl 50 dungeon, not sure wich one, has this skill, and i was constantly debuffed for this, even after the mob was dead…

just giving some news about my chaplain, it’s going bad :frowning:

i can’t play the game ever since a few days after transfering to SA server :frowning: so eventhough i said 14 days ago that the chaplain would be ready in a few weeks, it’s not gonna happen that soon :confused:

he’s still lv 7x

here is the tickets and video i made to record those issues i’m having, and the video i recorded to the most recent ticket

It has been quite some time since I made that post.
I now have a paladin lvl 150+ so I know what it does already.
I thank you though for trying to help me.