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Chaplain AA spread via breaking wheel?


Does every line of Chaplain AA spread via breaking wheel? Can anyone confirm this? Ive seen few rather vague posts… just not 100% sure lol.


Just met a chap/inq and have a test. At least auto attack and Aspergillum lines spread. Sacrament and Last Rites lines seems not spread but numbers got covered and i can’t see that clear…



Im told that only true multihits splash via breaking wheel. Chaplain AA’s are considered true multihit if im not mistaken, since all the lines are affected by blessing.

Wanted to test on an Inqui the other day, but he cant be bothered to lend me a wheel because he was grinding in a pt. They had two Inquis too lol.


Just found this video:

Breaking wheel does spread every Chap’s AA lines


Problem is, wheel has a hit count, it will be gone insanely fast. It’s better to just let the wheel run its course.


Watch the video again :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, I didnt see that the wheel only lasted 4 seconds, he may not have reached the limit… Anyways, I counted 4x1 hits with no buffs and 4x4 hits with buffs… whats the limit?


I think it lasts for 2 + Skill lv * 2 hits as well as the same formula for seconds (whichever comes first).

Simply put, it’s not worth it auto attacking the wheel. Make a better use of it using God’s Smash or other strong skills from party members.


probably 2 + (skillLvl-1)*2 then? Since level 1 lasted 2s and level 2 4s.

It did survive 4 hits with buffs (16 lines), the other lines didnt seem to take anything away from the hit-limit. Which is what @Gatygun ment i think?

edit: actually, the wheel itself only takes one hit, while the other lines are transfered.


See: Preliminary beginners guide to Clerics

I’m pretty sure he meant you’d do more dmg by not attacking the wheel as a chaplain, as it is pretty strong on its own. Less aoe though.


They don’t. This is easy to verify using Blessing and counting the hits you do. Every skill / atk only counts as 1 hit towards Blessing.

The first wheel he uses is lvl 1 and lasts 4 hits.


Based on my own testing I can confirm that even with the added lines of damage, each AA is only 1 hit for the wheel’s limit.

As a Chaplain with 4-5 lines on your damage, it would cause even a lvl 5-6 wheel to disappear within 2-3 swings if that was the case, and it doesn’t.

Also all lines spread to the wheel’s AoE.


No. 202020202020202xoxoxoxoxo


Come to think of it, spreading like 1 to 2 k damage is not worth it lol. It’s true, we’d rather let other melee attackers make better use of za whiiru. Aaand great info here. Props.


With Malleus in effect, Chaplain AA does more like 5k per hit so it can be useful to clear out mobs in a small group.

In a 5-man, as long as every class knows about it and pumps their high damage moves then yes I would not AA.


Breaking wheel:

The hit limit of lvl 6 = 18 hits.
The duration = 12 seconds for level 6.
The wheel hits 39 times it target on lvl 6.
The cooldown is 50 sec, but duration is 12 sec. So in reality only 38 sec of wait time.

The wheel gets effected by aoe’s / burn / poisons etc and can be hit by monsters. It will all count the wheel hit count down.

He uses divine might = lvl 2 wheel.

The reason why i mentioned it’s a bad idea to auto attack the wheel. Is because most of the time, the wheel gets hit already a few times by monsters or by aoe’s / additional effects. If the wheel breaks your damage will dive, as currently my wheel can do every sec 26k dmg output on it’s own on a single target. If that hits 5 targets for example that’s 100k+ every second it’s there. ( not using any debuffs or buffs )

It’s impossible to say how long the wheel stays because you can’t control the hit count. Specially in party’s or on groups of monsters, the hit count can take a dive real quick from the start already.

This is why specially on groups of monsters, i only tend to use god smash and wait until i’m sure the monsters will die or are close to before spamming more skills on it.

Auto attacking or even double punching, is therefore totally not adviced, specially if you aoe groups / party play. I don’t even dare to throw bleeds through it, because i’m afraid it will collapse.

If you only kill 1 single target or 2 targets in a controlled enviroment, sure you can spam your skills. But it’s going to be expensive leveling then.

If i really wan’t to burst a target without being afraid to break the wheel, i will make sure to keep a bit of distance from the wheel so my skills don’t hit it but still hit the targets infront of it.

You are better off auto attacking the targets outside of the wheel range, while the wheel spins them to there grave.


Wheel test in Abbey