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Channels Falling Everywhere


It seems strange to me that the channels fall again all the time, coincidentally with the return to the game of some players / abusers, I’m not saying that they are them, but, it seems a lot of coincidence that this comes back with their return … IMC should keep I look at them all the time.


Hope this week’s maintenance solves this problem.


It could be chanel crashers, and it could be IMC servers which suck.

Guess the second option is way more realistic.


IMC does not care about us.
On the SILUTE server, Klapedia fell (we know what it really is) 4 channels at the same time. I want to see if someone from IMC will do anything. Or I’ll have to sing Michael Jackson until someone there really cares about us


Silute server, Klaipeda CH2 keeps DCing the most
other CHs DC randomly too, but CH2 just happens more often.
Heard on /y that there is a person doing it, in-game


Since the last update the channel don’t stop to crashing/falling all the time (in saalus, dg, maps, cities). I did a test in my internet connection and it is not this problem. So the problem is your servers, please fix it!



I do not want to complain, and again I complain, tickets I do not send for anything anymore, I’m unhappily tired, I’m always going to be able to send something here in the forum, but …




I’m really getting used to it … looking forward to an update that will make day 12