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Channeling Build, BB or Highlander?

Hello I’m a player from Taiwan server and my build is Blossom Blader, Doppel, Barbarian. I just wonder that is it better to change Blossom Blader to Highlander when I got the whole channeling set? Highlander’s skyliner can get the +400%dmg buff from the channeling set. Blossom Blader has no channeling skill, but startup is very strong. Could someone tell me which one is better? Thank you so much!

you can also use overload raid and play bb
obviouslt channeling isnt for bb but you still have another 2 class to optimize the use of it
honestly just keep playing your build until you get the channeling set cause why?
cause bb is meta, which means there are lot players playing it, if the bb community found out it is unfair that channeling set is more powerful the bb community will (or perhaps already) start complaining of why they have no channeling skills
and because there are a lot of complains thanks to the huge amount players playing bb, they will finally either
a.make certain bb skill into channeling
b.if there are even more complain from another class community that receive no love from channeling set complain about this as well, the channeling set will get nerf
c.nothing happen


too bad if such thing happens to monk, chaplain, sadhu,krivis they just wont respond that fast cause there are not many complain not because there are no problems but there are less complains or nothing at all because there are less player playing the class because the classes certainly have problems


I have the same build, and for me personally, Pouncing and Cyclone is just enough to justify the channeling set. Imagine hitting 7M + in 1 pouncing hit vs around 10 hits.

Overload is fine as well, but im kind of done with having to use active buffs all the time

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