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Changing class hunter to hunter of the tamed beast


About class hunter the evil people play with, she I really like this class, but she is poorly used the staff plays more than the hunter. you could boot this class as a tamer in the cough so class would be much more fun to play with your own skills of the mostro to be used automatically to target attacks like that event tamer in the cough and hunter class would have your boot the little monster to attack flame he captures another31TNXYW


I agree that they should add different monsters you can tame, which use different skills that have various usability in different modes of the game. There are so many monsters and it seems logical to make Hunter this way. You can even sell some premium ones for premium looks (not ability) that aren’t normally living in the world.
There could be so many interesting combos and you could create synergy this way with other classes. Some classes lack something and a Hunter pet could provide it even if you have to find it first.



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