Changing builds, opinions welcome!


Hi, I’m Mao. I started way back at launch, and left around the time they decided to randomly gut a bunch of Swordsman classes, as I was primarily a Swordsman player, although my actual main was a Fletcher.

In Re:Build I’ve enjoyed trying builds out, and actually enjoy being a support mage now. However, being an Alchemist/Sorc/Sage is not sustainable, and I don’t like Chrono because I don’t enjoy taking classes that I only want 1 skill out of.

This leads me to the point I’m at. I’d like to swap my current Alchemist into more of a burst mage. This is what I’m looking at in terms of moving towards. Any suggestions would be welcome. :slight_smile:

Also, what would I use in terms of cards? My guild is pretty good at making sure we have cards (even got me my 10* Froster Lord and 10* Templeshooter for my Sorceror) so I pretty well have my pick, even if it takes me a little bit to get them.


Just my opinion, take with a grain of salt:

  1. Lethargy is a must max for me, the magic circle damage increase is great, and if you have a Boruta seal, its very, very good.
  2. Greenwood sucks when compared to Water shikigami. Genbu will be a huge sp drain. I’d go Tiger 15, Toyou 10, Water 15 and Yin-yang 5
  3. Infernal Shadow is good and worth maxing.
  4. Condensation looks really cool, but its not really a good skill. 1 pointer imo.
  5. Fetter duration is too low, not worth the point
  6. I dont find Shadow Pool to be useful in pve(I’m assuming your char is pve only). Some people would disagree with me, but I really dont find this skill to be good outside pvp.
  7. Hallucination is good. Its the skill where you dump all unused skill points, and each point is useful here.
  8. Sage just doesnt make much sense in this build, it has almost no synergy with either Shadowmancer or Onmyoji. The class with the most obvious synergy with Sage is Chrono, but since you said you dont want it, I recommend removing Sage. (I personally play Onmyo-Shadow-Warlock, and its very fun even though warlock is rather weak)
  9. As for the cards, I personally use these:image
    Can’t say its the best, but it is what I enjoy using. Of course, the legend card is way too expensive so you can ignore it.


A bit question i looking to makea pve build im bokor onmio what could be yhe best filler for this i was thinking on rune caster or shadowmancer or warlock but cannot decide since there r not much players going this clases outside of pvp so any idea ?


Bokor + onmyo don’t have synergies, so you can pretty much pick up any class at this point. Warlock or Shadowmancer for dark damage, Sorc or Necro for more summons, Pyro or Kino for the Fox boost. Or anything you seem fit: Chrono for Pass, RC for Rune of Protection…


Sorry to hijack OP thread but since you mentioned Onmyoji and Shadowmancer I would like to ask. What do you think would pair well for Shadowmancer in view of the recent changes to dark wizards in ktos

Initially I thought of going Featherfoot + Warlock + Shadowmancer for a piece dark build. Featherfoot boost dark damage to cursed enemies. However, it feels like Bokor would be quite important for Featherfoot due to the fact that Effigy can be used on multiple curse related skills used by Featherfoot now if I did not read the patch notes wrongly, meaning that I can spam Effigy on a large group of mobs inflicted by Enervation for instance. Warlock seem to provide better AOE if I were to go for Featherfoot + Bokor.

Hence that leaves with Shadowmancer. I was wrongly how well would Shadowmancer pair with Onmyoji due to the dark property attack boost from Yin Yang Harmony attribute and what other classes might go well. I was thinking Sorcerer as a secondary DPS since Onmyoji skills have short CD so squeezing in too many DPS classes might be an overkill. Salamion also have a chance to blind which boosts Shadow Thorn. Or else I was thinking of Warlock to further abuse that dark damage boost. Dark Theurge also have a chance to inflict blind I think?


The kToS patch will give more flexibility to builds. Bokor is nice because you can spam Damballa + Bwa Kayiman on mobs and Effigy on single targets. Featherfoot will give +50% damage to cursed enemies. Sorcerer gives more static DPS via summon and buffs you with the cat. Onmyoji adds AoE. Warlock gives extra dark skills. At this point I have no idea what would be best, would need to playtest all combinations. My main currently doesn’t have Shadowmancer (Bokor-Sorc-Warlock) because I feel the build would lack AoE damage if I switch one of the classes for Shadowmancer. That’s why I would say go for Onmyoji. For third, anything will do.