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Changes to looting chance

I think that stat is pointless and a waste to build gear over it when content is changing and getting harder

My suggestion is to remove looting chance from random stat and replace it with another unused purple stat at random starting from most useful like evasion, crit rate etc.

  • add looting chance to team level (ex. 1 lvl = 10 looting chance)
  • add looting chance to active token (ex. 500)

I remember there was similar thing in guild wars 2 that was changed later to account buff

LC is not wasted because imc give so many way to increase LC free.
Good case to improve it is turn it to % increase.

iirc it caps at 3000?
well… i dont like the idea of farming gear
buffs are ok
accesories fine

it actually got over 7k if you have weekend bonus.

more primus and powders … IMC should change the values it drops >.<;;; … make it all drop!!!

Looting chance caps at 10,000. It is a very powerful stat as is and greatly increases your drops you get from Challenge Modes. I typically do CMs with a large amount, and when the events aligned, I have done a long set at 10,000 in the past.

Max looting chance from random stat is 618
My suggestion is about to remove that so players dont have to bother with it (some will try to minimax anyway)
In the end we will get more from acc buff
Looting chance from team lvl = freebie
Looting chance from token = another reason to buy token

But… Powders are not legend material. Looting chance increase powders drop?

Where i can see that?

Flagbot with Max looting chance gems :joy: