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Change/upgrade anvil sistem

Hellow everyone, i want to propose some ideas/ways to change/upgrade the anvil sistem to other that could be better (i think).

The reason is that the new max. lvl upgrades plus the new contents on the game makes the current anvil sistem like an incompleted idea (i think). Its really hard to get equipment, upgrade it again, add jewels again, add bonus sets again, add ichors again, add… ETC again. So i decided to make this post to try to give some ideas to make ToS a better and funnier game.

1 - Change the anvil sistem to a “weapon master” sistem:
The idea is to make the characters better with different kind of weapons depending on how much time did they used it/how much contents did they do using that kind of weapon, mastering the use of it. It could be reach by quests or daily/weekly content, or number of monsters killed using it or number or hits or etc. this idea has a lot of posibilitys/ways to make it work.

2 - Change the anvil sistem to a “living weapon” sistem:
The name says it. It can be confused with the last idea but its different. One of the ways that i said last time to reach the different lvls of “master” using different weapons appears here: the idea is to give to the weapons a sistem like “pamoka potions” sistem. this means that weapons gets better depending on how much experience did they got while they were being used by us. Maybe they can add some items to make them able to continue evolving, i mean, like if you need an item to be able to continue lvl the weapon after reach lvl +10 on the weapon or something like that. I think that this could be a really good idea because they could make us able to get some of that items from content in the game, other ones by events and the last ones by real money. (+5, +10, +15 and +20 by content in the game. +25, +30 (and maybe +35) by events. +35 and +40 by real money)

3 - Upgrade the anvil sistem adding new kinds of anvil that could be obtined by some content on the game:
In this option ALL anvils should be reworked. what i mean is to do it like the last sistem that i said but only with anvils (weapons wont get exp so all lvls between +0 to +5 (for example) would be lvled by using anvils (like already)). They can change the sistem to make the equipment unable to lvl down after reach some lvls too (for example at +10, +20 and +30).

I think that the potential sistem could be deleted too or solved with other kind of item or sistem that makes you able to add potential to the equipment. probably the potential sistem could be the real problem of the current anvil sistem.

I hope that u will press the “like” buttom if you like this ideas to make them see OUR opinion about this propositions. Moreover i propose you to put the number that u liked more on the comments below.

The idea its to make this post as liked as posible to try to make them think about do some change/upgrade about all of this.

See you on the game!!



I dont care for whatever system they want to change the anvil system, but potential system should go away… its too old n many newer mmo dont take this approach anymore.

Current system just give us burnout for achievement, and number 1 gap that keep newer player want to play.

F2P MMO is amazing, but if the gap of people who pay for success and grind for success is too obvious, IMC just keep creating recipe of failure.


F2P MMO is amazing, but if the gap of people who pay for success and grind for success is too obvious, IMC just keep creating recipe of failure.


I think that potential should be removed. But i know too that IMC doesnt want to do a completly “F2P” game, its because of that, that i proposed some ideas about changes/upgrades on anvil sistem maintaining the need to buy items with real money BUT, making the difference between the people that pay for success and the people that grind for success, less obvious (anvils/items to upgrade since lvl +30 or +35 to +40 would have to be obtined by paying)

Anyway, talking about this isue, i have to say that i think that IMC should not make “payable” items that would affect to PvP content.

What i mean with this is that for example, all anvils should be able to get by the game (some of them only by events) but u can get it too by paying. And they should create other kind of items that would affect to the PvM content that u could only get by paying (this means that anvils for +30 or +35 to +40 should not be obtined by paying too, because it could make a huge difference on PvP).

For example: companions, that gives bonuses but wont make a high difference on PvP (the new ones with +200% exp + 100% exp on assisters + another bonus are a pretty good idea for example). Clothes (like goddes blessed cube events) are a good idea too. Decoration items for the house and for the gild hangout could be a good idea too, making some events to give special gifts to who have the best house or gild hangout making somebody buy decoration items about this places too. ETC.

All of this optionts and more, wont make a difference on PvP content on the game and there are people that will pay for it anyway.

A lot of people (included me) dont play for the PvP content because it’s unbalanced. really its not unbalanced by classes (players makes the higher difference, not the build class), currently its because the equipment, and thats because the anvil/potential sistem.

thanks for your contribution :haha:

I honestly think the current upgrading system is not that bad in itself, on paper at least, i do think it has 2 (2.5, ill explain later) big problems that can be fixed and it’ll probably make the system a lot more bearable;

The first problem is the upgrade cap, i mean, +40 is just… unrealistic to say the least, BUT the cap being so high has the potential to create big gaps between players that get better luck than others (and/or resources), so, bringing the cap down to, say, +16 or maaaybe +21 would be the first step, numbers can be adjusted to fit this change (ATK values, succes rate, silver cost, potential, etc)

The second, and i think this is the biggest one, the system is waaaay too punishing if you fail an anvil attempt, you loose 1 lvl upgrade AND potential AND your silver, i think AT LEAST one of these have to go
If i had to choose one i’d say that you keep your current upgrade lvl, just make it so you loose potential and silver, this way it becomes less of an RNG hell (it’ll still be RNG tho, just less awfull) and it becomes more of a steady progression, where as long as you have the resources you can keep trying and it’ll be guaranteed (eventualy) that you can hit cap, again, numbers can be adjusted to fit the changes

And the last semi-problem is that Gem socketing and Weapon Appearance require potential, which is already something super valuable, I dont see why these should cost you potential and im pretty sure you can just remove it without much consequences

I think these changes would make the current system A LOT better, without having to completely change it altogether, and for those who enjoy the RNG min-maxing (is there any?) we can still have that with the Awakening system (which also needs a minor update) and the Enchant Jewels

Idk, just my 2 cents on the matter :tired:



i rly liked that proposal about change the “upgrade cap” to +20 ± like another option to solve this problem.

Doing it, maybe keep the lvl after a failure could be too much (i think). i think its better to remove the potential from the anvil sistem, socket jewel sistem and weapon appearance sistem. But i think that the potential sistem for the ichor extraction sistem its a good idea for example.

This means that we will lose anvils, money and lvls on a failed upgrade. But we wont lose the equipment anymore so we will reach the cap lvl in some time anyway. think that we have like 9 items to upgrade… i think that +20 ± its a good upgrade cap.

Have in mind that we have like 3 or 5 months between high content upgrades… the current +40 cap lvl its insane to reach the objetive to have all the equipment upgraded plus the current influence of the potential sistem plus the anvils that we currently use to upgrade the equipment (that after this change could be a good ones).

really thanks for your contribution!! :haha:

Add more stunning effects to +16 and onwards … add lightning/bubbly/neon/bruning/cold effects any! its boring if it only glows seriously …

and make accessories to be seen also and have effects XD

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This post was not make for this kind of proposal.

i prefer this change
cause im visual guy and tos upgraded weapon animation is so boring.
why would i +40 or even +21+ when animation is the same freaking red glowing that is just more vibrant and thats it.BORING.
also they shouldve make it glowing from +11 so those casuals can be happy with just +11.1 more reason to keep em happy and stay and probably spend.

also ever wondered why those ktos players can have +30++ ish gears? because its possible, only if you are true hardcore or true p2w
anviling +21++ is not for everyone thing, it indicates your whaleness/no-life degree
even anvil < +21 which is like meta is still not for everyone
that shiny weapon indicates your caste in this game and you cant just hop into that high tier caste without being a hardcore or p2w
thats what the game dictates

many got this kind of brainfart when one failed anviling, me included
the thing is anvil is just another RNG, with +15 failsafe at best for now
and RNG are meant to keep players in a loop

if anviling +21 above is easy less ppl will buy that cubes with diamond anvil in it
also its not becoming an extravagant thing, cause when everyone special noone is

as for below +21 its very doable with fair investment on golden/ruby anvils and silvers
even f2p who dilligently making silver can do this

We will still buy DA just to skip the fate of 200 ruby. There is 9pcs of gear to +21(at least just a +21 weapon is a norm now), 5 to 10 skills of enhance art to max, lvl3 seal to max, ark, so on and so on…

U don’t need that high to play PVE, but for people who do GTW or PVP(TBL and Feud is dead in Telsai) content, +1 anvil or in anything does matter.

Still pure RNG unless you have unlimited funds…

It has been 4 years soon I started to play and the best I got from anviling something was +12. Each time we get events we get a load of ruby anvils, each time I say to myself that these would go to waste and I use them just to see my items hit a streak of failures and end up worse than they were originally this is simply frustrating…

DA is great but still subject to RNG. Unless you’re extremely lucky or have enough to use them starting from +5 you will use them on items with low potential and each failure still means losing one potential, so the number you can use on one item is very limited. I don’t remember having any luck with the F2P ones we ever got from events.

Well, those DA per hit is not cheap. Anvil ticket also is just another ver of converted silver.

I think to +16 a pcs of weapon, on average cost me 300m or more… So, i totally agree u need unlimited fund with the current system. DA, ruby, gold, normal or even trash can don’t help us. Only unlimited fund.

unlimited luck is better
i prepared 400 ruby 600 gold to hit +21 my 2h mace from +16 and it success 5 times in a row with just 5 ruby
then i anvil my trinket and it cost me 124 ruby and 82 gold anvils from +16 to +21
then i continue to hit my glacia legenda shoes with 7 pot from +11 and it goes to +16 with 4 pot left
its not unlimited silver that matter the most.its unlimited luck.
you can have unlimited silver but if your luck is super sh*tty that day you wont even reach +10 with unlimited golden anvil

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It doesn’t matter anyway, we never know when we are lucky. Unlimited fund also allow you to buy those +21 gear without even hitting.

Talk about lucky, i got 2 arch stone and 5 arch frag, all with 4m silver in a single grace.
Being lucky for multiple time does not mean the game enhancement system is good. A bad system is still a bad system. Almost 90% of newbie i met quit halfway due to burnout. There’s too many RNG, progressing is like pulling a slot-machine lever once you hit the gear wall. I don’t even dare to recommend to anyone to play this game as F2P, because i know they will come to a phase where they feel demoralized with the system.