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Change "UI Mode" default to Mouse

It might just be a regional thing, but playing a lot of English games from Europe, and North America, I’m really used to the mouse and keyboard control scheme, with WASD, when I first logged it not having that was jarring, I almost quit the game straight up after a few seconds, but wondered if it could be fixed in the options menu, to my surprise it could. Its my belief that others had similar experiences but less patience to play a game that felt like it had a clunky control scheme. I think there would be a much higher initial player retention if the default was set to mouse, rather then keyboard as it is. I’m pretty sure this has cost several thousand potential players over time.

As an aside the fact you can set the game to mouse mode and setup keybindings to mouse buttons should be listed on the features for this game I’ve a friend whose left hand is really mangled the fact that they don’t have to use it when playing is great.

God no. I tried mouse mode, it is awful for this game

Mouse mode is fine for combat, but you will encounter difficulties. Instead of clicking you’ll grab UI elements and move them around. Quest items lack clickable bits half the time so you have to switch back to keyboard mode to interact with them with SPACE. I kind of wish I could take the time to get used to keyboard mode, but I’m old and locked in at this point. :slight_smile: