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Change the Healing restrictions in PVP

Currently, the Healing in PVP is heavily crippled by that fact that it is halved.

That means unless you have absurd equipment investments, your healing skills do nothing,
while damage reduction skills are not touched in any way (e.g. Bear,Magic Shield,Iron Skin,Stone Skin,etc.).

I think just halving the recovery value cripples the wrong builds too much, considering the current system that has lengthy healing skill animations and skill delays while attack skills have their delay reduced with each upcoming balance patch, which makes it nearly impossible to use these skills while attacked (not counting all the instances of silence/stun/knockdown/freeze/staggering where you cannot use them or you get bug-locked with target change wheel).

To make healing more fair and appropriate for PVP environments, instead of halving the Healing,
putting a hard cap on the recovery value per skill in PVP would help tremendously more,
e.g. in situations like “balanced” Gemstone Feud, where you have nearly 0 SPR/healing stat gain from equipment.

The recovery cap would be based on the maximum HP you have and the basic recovery factors or the skills.

Heal: 20% of maximum HP

Mass Heal/Tree of Sephiroth/Indulgentia: 50%/72% of maximum HP (total recovery value)

Healing Factor: 40% of maximum HP (per 5 second tick)

Restoration: 10% of maximum HP (per 3 second tick)

since Mass Heal has a bonus recovery over time by 45% of the original recovery value via the Heal:Linger attribute, it’s base recovery should be fixed at 50% max HP, so you have a total possible recovery of 72%.
Tree of Sephiroth would recover 4% of maximum HP per 0.5 seconds (3.8%x 19 ticks = 72%)
and Indulgentia would recover 8.4% of maximum HP per second ( 8% x 9 ticks = 72%)

Healing Factor was always an odd skill, but I believe that capping it at 40% max HP recovery
would be a decent change.

Restoration has such a low recovery factor that it will be hard to cap even with decent SPR investment, so it can have a low recovery cap of 10% maximum HP, which makes it still worth the investment of attributes.

If the balance is handled this way, it still allows people who invested much into CON/SPR to recover decent amounts, but at the same time does not cripple builds that have innate low base SPR and/or no luck to accumulate the required amounts of SPR to have a good overall recovery.

There is already a skill with recovery cap based on maximum HP [ arditos Recupero],
so since the system needed is already there, it could be easily applied for the PVP rules.

Idk, i m suffering already with the magnetic meta on gvg, i don’t want cleric jesus meta back too… they do already heal a LOT. And healing based on max health is kinda bad because its way too cheap.

healing based on max heal? flashback on ToS 2 years before

well, thats why people now heal with 2 pot (from alchemist player and npc) and small elixir (the whale one use the 40% elixir). Dev wants cleric not too OP with their heal, and i think this already balance enough, for PvP content.

Right now the meta is in an odd place since we know that damage reduction skills got the nerf bat in ktos, but here we are sitting on the healing nerf with none of those.

I think things will be better post arts patch.

Those who already invested in SPR/CON can already heal a a crazy amount. Maybe it’s just classes difference.

if you mean by that that they go for unsightly crippling lengths (new varna healing set, new healing accessory set highly upgraded and T10, new SPR/CON fixed stat ichors, 50+ SPR & CON on random stat ichors) then yeah.

But mechanically speaking this is really unfair. To put that into perspective, it’s as if your cast time/animation was doubled, and every attack skill in PVP had 2 seconds animation & delay to be executed to promote people investing into cast time reduction & DEX/attack speed boost to overcome this.

It’s heinous, especially considering that the physical clerics have no basic SPR gain, crippling their innate Healing stat very heavily.
That’s not the way such a system should be balanced.

Even more considering the fact that the majority of debuffs/ccs prevent you from healing yourself, meaning you are defenseless and taking hits during that time.

A good PVP would provide the ability to have long fights where healing yourself is more meaningful than having a Revive buff active so you live even after being oneshot by a ridiculous combination of buff/debuff + attack skill.
TOS is only about ending someone quick, and that’s why healing is nerfed.

Any cleric should be more durable than any lancer, not just the mega-whales with the right class combination.

Well,they could also just disable using all potions to make fights fair at the current level of healing.

That one is a consequence of they inflating the advantages of being a dps character, right now if you don’t go for a Solo dps build you will suffer a lot with rewards and such.
Raids can be done with 5 dps, World boss reward is set for the top 5 dps party and you don’t need a healer to stay alive there making it a pain to get World boss reward. Amisdog? Try killing it with a tank or a healer, its impractical while the dps characters do it in less than 4min(some in less than 30s each)… And a LOT of other contents that you can simply brute force with dps other than making a balanced party.

In my opinion the healing is more or less balanced, whats broken right now in PVP/PVE is the relation of Damage, Defense and Crowd Controls overall, probably after addressing then will make healing attractive again on PvP in a health way.

PVP damage characters maximize their gear to be most effective in PVP…why shouldn’t healers in PVP expect do to the same to heal competitively in those environments?

Healing was way overpowered in early iterations of the game to the point where clerics could gear for DPS/PVP and still be effective healers, i think that nerfing healing and requiring you to gear for it is reasonable.

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