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Change the games minimum requirements on Steam

I know that you guys want to address as many people as possible with TOS, but the minimum requirements of this game are outdated/wrong.

You should change the following minimum requirements:

  • Required HDD space: from 4GB to 8/10GB (10 GB is at least needed if you want to take ingame videos e.g. for your events)

  • required graphic card: from NVIDIA Geforce 8600 to 9800 GTX. The game runs pretty bad with old graphic cards like my previous ATI Radeon HD 5450, which was a little inferior to the Geforce 8600. You get FPS of below 10 in dungeons, which is ± unplayable. Even my new graphic card ( Radeon R7 240 OC with 4 GB DDR3 memory, 820 MHZ GPU clock/1800 MHZ memory clock tact frequency and 320 stream-processors) still doesn’t deliver stable 60+ FPS in all situations(after switching everything graphical off and further minimizing the stress on the computer/gc).
    New players with bad graphic cards shouldn’t become disappointed after trying the game,should they?

And here i am playing with hd 3000 integrated gpu :joy:

Protip: The game was made with Koreans in mind having low system specs and doesn’t even use your video card last I checked. You actually suffer more having a better computer because of that since it only uses one CPU. Unless they changed something in that “performance” patch where it actually will make use of a GPU then it doesn’t even matter since it’s not putting any load on it to render the game properly.

Hyper-threading and Turbo or what ever AMD calls it for them will help a bit but still it’s not going to do much. Also here is another interesting read in regards to performance which isn’t even related so much to CPU/GPU:

Yup, but I mean I can actually play now in contrast to before, because my graphic card doesn’t drop the FPS to abysmal levels anymore. The rest of graphic lag/stuttering/lag is the fault of the client and can only be fixed by the developers themselves.

However, I don’t believe that people who have a graphic card beneath a certain “level” should be left in the illusion that they could play the game
[It’s a huge difference to have your FPS drop from ~110 to ~58-45 compared to drops from 44 to 0,4; this is at the absolute minimum settings, taking into account ± all tricks the forum community came up with to increase the gameplay experience].

I understand playing the game as not to stand still and look at the artwork but to journey through the world and actively solve the quests. For this task, you need a “good” graphic card, and most certainly one that is better than the current “minimum requirement”.

current minimum requirement just to ensure you able to launch the client and log in successfully.

better use recommended requirement so you can atleast roam around with 10fps


Dont worry ToS is a casual game, you dont need to be hardcore, just sit/stand in the middle of towns and have 10-30 fps tops

You can also try latest feature which IMC redeem resolved called lag/crash/dc in dungeon/gvg/tbl. Have fun and best of luck to you

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well, you can’t even download&install the game with the current minimum requirement of HDD space listed on Steam. The client is ± 8GB large currently, so 4 GB HHD space won’t enable you to download the game in the first place :joy: