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Change Earth Tower limit to 8 times weekly

As the title, my suggestion is to change Earth Tower so you can do 8 parts of it per week so that in theory you can play through the whole Earth Tower in one go if you wanted.

Reason: The rewards aren’t very good anymore, so it doesn’t hurt the economy to have them multiplied by 8. The only reason to do ET now is for fun and some attribute points anyway. ET is a great experience for new players, but they would need 8 weeks to just see the whole thing. In 8 weeks they already hit endgame and ET is pointless.

In short, it wouldn’t hurt anyone and would allow new players to have some fun.

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Hello @rya.reisender,

Thank you for the suggestion, we will forward this to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.

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Also making a rework in order to make the content relevant would be nice too. Nowadays its only for the attribute points/mystic tome or weapon appearance…

Also isn’t Zemyna supposed to be at the top of the Earth Tower? When you complete floor 40, you’re kicked out like a vulgar bum that has no right laying eyes on a goddess…