Chances of Enhancement Failure



Is there any official information on the % of enhancement failure after the +5 refinement?
I found these tables ( with the percentages, but they are outdated — since this patch: armors now can go safely to +5 too.

The chances of failure are equal to weapons, shields and armor pieces?
Some people say (and it really seems) that is more difficult to put an armor/shield to +11 than a weapon, is it true?



my shield got to +16 peacefully, meanwhile my weapon ended up with +7, so it is depend on your luck purely, doesnt matter what kind of ritual you use when anviling


It feels like armor is tougher to +11, my suspicion is that the safe zone was updated but not the chances. This would mean that armor would be closer to a 50% chance right after +5, whereas weapons have a more lenient curve making it easier to get to +11.


I see, these things happen to mee too…

But wasn’t talking about rituals or tricks; It’s about the actual chances on the “code” of TOS of enhancing weapons/armors/shields post +5.


still, even if by statistic going to 16 is only 2% or 20%, if your equipment is destined to be +16, not even abysmal RNG/code can stop it.
so, dont think, just anvil

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Yep I have this suspicion too, so that wikia table is outdated about the safe zone, but not about the chances after +5… maybe…


I think the best would be if the material to improve the equipment were obtained from dgs and were linked to the character equal to the fragments of the raids unique and that the potential was instinct, failing you would lose the material and would have to redo the raids


i dont think knowing the chance info will boost your probability of success. Even if your next chance is 99%, when you anviled it and fail, you failed.


Well, this topic is not about discovering some way to improve results on enhancement.

I’m not concerned about boosting my chances of success (no matter the answer for my questions above, I’m refining my equips as aways; but that is not the point), I just want to understand how this feature of the game works.

It’s based on probability (%), there’s a ‘code’ for this in the game programming; I’m just asking if anyone knows the % of failure/success for weapons and armors above +5, and if they are the same chances*.

*This last question is because a LOT of players say that refining armors is more difficult than refining weapons, but I never found any official info about that.


well then let me summon our savior, @crevox
hopefully he can datamine the code





Thanks Crevox! S2

@Remiri as we suspected ^^


Where do you get it? COuld you share please?


he datamined it. period


No offense @crevox, i knew what ya capable of.
but… it looks like a tosbase wiki (edited & preview?) page.


Because it is.

The table, when created, was based on datamined scripts and is correct (as I have verified it myself). However, within a later patch, IMC modified armor enhancements so it is no longer only guaranteed up to +3, but up to +5. The wiki does not have this change. I simply updated the table based on that change and provided it as an image. It’s easy to read and understand and the wiki itself is extremely outdated, not being used, and not open to editing.

I hope that this did not cause any confusion. The information provided is accurate.


Yea, I tried to push an edit to that page using ur data.
No result.

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