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Challenge mode in store?

I want to buy buy with my TPs a CHALLENGE MODE pack, do you have it in the TP store? If not, what item do you guys suggest I buy with TP in store to earn as much silver as possible and them buy CHALLENGE MODE on market?
Thank you very much!

Usually the best way to make money with TP is buy tokens and sell them in market, or buy Goddess Cubes and sell the costumes your get in market. There’s a high demand for those.


Best way is costumes or tokens? Tokens are so cheap…

Dont we have CM voucher?

There was, only during promotions. If you really want cm resets, save TP for now and wait for them

Just like a month ago they sold these as packages with limit per account. Sure they will again in future

Costume cubes only worth if you get effect costume, egg, or wings. More so the latter two.

The prices for regular costumes plummet after the first day or two and sit at around 5-6m after which isn’t really much.