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Challenge Mode in Hunting Grounds

Plane and simple.
Allow to do CM in HG maps.
It will become a challenging yet rewarding daily routine for parties
With HG mobs’ HP and skills it won’t be a complete breeze to clear CM in HG, especially on stages 6 and 7
And it will definitely won’t be something afk summoners could do

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i think it would be too op for people that have stacks of reset scrolls and can sustain CM indefinitely
it will also drive the prices of those scrolls up, sad times for peasants good times for rich people

but uhh yea killing lots of stuff and making money to flex on noobs is fun so fck all you peasants :joy:

more crash, more rage, more quit.
Leave us farmer alone!!!

Just masking more solo content. everyone knows that because solo gives more reward players will go for solo runs.