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Casual players a question

What have you and your group of friends been doing on tos recently? Me and my peeps have started doing earth tower runs cause weve never done it before and its been pretty fun and silly. We all level pretty slowly but most are past the 300 mark so maybe well attempt higher raids later. We’ve also been doing random guild quests. So how about y’all?


Same here, most of my friends went to play party games, battle royales, etc.

I won’t blame bugs in their case because they play even buggier and badly made games.

I do some PVE testing on ktest, which might not fit to casual play, but whenever I play on live server, it is mainly whatever can be done solo in PVE. If there was a 1v1 solo queue PVP I would also play that.

I play only on ktest because I hate RNG elements, there I can minimize them.


Thats sad, but maybe you can find a group of pals to play with on tos. Most of my crew are irl and very busy so we just set some time on the weekend.

Battle royals are hilarious with friends, even more so when in a high level hunting ground lol. Hide and go seek is pretty fun as well.

My husband and I have been filling pamokas, doing CM and making recipes, slowly of course but we have fun together :slight_smile:

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actually, we’re doing the same owO doing earth tower runs Owo


I try to participate in the gulild events, but I can’t most of the times because of my personal schedule. So …
I end up playing alone and I participe in challenge modes, 330+ dg and I farm out15 when I have nothing at all to do anymore.
Basically I farm and go CM. Sometimes I go fishing as well! It’s pretty fun. And I might go to new maps and do some quests when I feel like doing it.

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