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Cast Delay Aiming/Circling/Swell Body

Is there really a cast delay for Scout(Thauma) Swell Body and Archers(Falconer) Circling/Aiming?

If yes, then please IMC remove it … its annoying … If not then please check … Thauma Swell has a 0.5-1 sec delay … Circling.Aiming … forgot which one has a 1-2 second delay before the skill procs … need to press the button a couple of times to make it work …

i dont know about circling / aiming…
but swell body, if you cast it then press jump, you can cancel it animation, and the skill still proc

The cast delay on Swell Body was already reduced in KR following the new arts update. So, we will get that change in due time.

Hmm, I noticed ( aiming/circling ) there’s a 1 second delay when using a controller … though using keyboard lessened it but still not auto cast T.T

The animation on circling is a little weird/delayed, usually depends on if another skill is going off if you have PES up. Aiming is actually all kinds of ■■■■■■ right now because it’s a buff that gets applied to enemies, and many skills in the game have buff removal attached. So it drops constantly, and yes there’s always been a bit of a delay–could also be caused by your bird just not being close enough to what you’re targeting.

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yep, closely to what you said triggers the delay … hopefully IMC will adjust it in the “NEXT BIG PATCH” that is coming XDDD

Yes, it’s the old trick to shake off the animation lag since its farming days as a Wiz class XDDDD

I miss my Linker>FF>Thaum …

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