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Cassidy's Circle 3 Costume Videos

I can’t be the only one curious about the C3 costume changes. Planning to get every last one of them so I’ll just keep posting the videos here instead of making new topics. Or maybe you should just subscribe. First up is Archer. I listed the order i’ll be making these below.

Archer C3

✓Wizard C3
✓Quarrel Shooter C3
✓ Swordsman C3
✓Highlander C3
✓Priest C3
✓Dievdirbys C3
✓Cleric C3
Ranger C3
Monk C3
Pyromancer C3


Wizard C3 costume obtained! I’d say the C3 animations are a huge improvement over the C1 animations! I hope they change even more things in future C3 costumes!


Here we go, Quarrel Shooter C3!


Swordsman C3 costume came out! Nabbed it immediately!

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Next one’s up. Thanks for waiting.


Hi. Just would like to say thank you for posting those videos as I think you’re the only one who showed these for now and I loved it.
I am looking forward for the rest of it

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Thanks for the support! We’ve got 1 more to go!

Here’s Priest C3!


Hey, nice vid. Can you tell me what zoomy settings you had from the second half of the vid? It looks great

I don’t remember my settings but I think the reason it looked so good was because that zone was in an enclosed place. Trying messing with zoomy in one of the churches, your guild hall, or the mausoleum!

can i ask?? is it must be an exact class to wear it? i mean i love priest 3 costume, but i didnt get any priest path… is the idle stance and new running animation still in effect?

you have to be priest circle 3 to be able buy it and wear it. Otherwise, you can’t wear it. This is why I am interested to see every differences in cricle 3 costumes animation.

ah ic… that’s answer what i need… it must be diev 3 costume for me then :))

Hey, your videos helped me out a lot.

Do you plan to do more? I’m trying to see the new Diev C3 skill animations, but I can’t find them anywhere.

Psst. I’m back.

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Dievdirbys here!

Wow, I haven’t heard Latale music in quite awhile.
Your videos are great, thanks for the LT nostalgia and putting them together for others!

Short one but Cleric C3

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It’s unrelated to Cleric 3 but worth mentioning that the new animation also applies to Kabbalist’s Ein Sof and Revenged Sevenfold.

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