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Carve owl feedback

In my opinion the old attack animation for carved owl was much better and I would like to see it returned or have the statue have 2 options for attack the first would be the less damage aoe that uses sculpting wood to place and the second would be the linear, higher damaging, attack that uses the wood it used to to create. Going from a fire breathing owl to a farting one just doesn’t seem as cool anymore

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You are liking the old one just because it’s appeared before. What if the “fart” one is the original one?
And why people call the new one “farting”?
You dont have to aim for the new owl, remember you have to set 2 owl face to face to maximize AOE?
They turned owl to be a brainless botting build so the newbie could easily clear their casual content.

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I do also feel the same that the linear and visual effect felt and looked better.They should really put it has an attribute or Art that linear does more damage and Aoe splash does less.

It should be sonic sound wave with psycho damage instead (Sadhu)? The fart is not poison that you can use PD to lite them up anyway.