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Cards dropping rate

Is this a game based on equipped cards or is it a nice to have ? i just wonder if any monster drops that piece of sh… since i want to make a necro or sorc there is special need for a cards.
they should implement something like getting a cards while changing into that class since you cant use any of special skills -.-

get like 200k silver and grab any demon card in market.
if you cant, spam lv 50 dg for the silver or shadowgaler card.
if you still cant, simply dont play sorc yet.necro it is.

would be cool that once u select sorc u get a demon card of choice

and everyone will start spamming sorc just to get free zaura or nuaele

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There are classes that are simply hard to choose as first choice because of pre-requisites (demon card for sorc, reagents for chrono, tao…), so simply delay that choice to the second class. If you want to play a summoner, just choose necro or bokor first. If this is your first character, cards (in the card slots) won’t matter much, you’ll have plenty of time getting your chappas, nuales and co as you level up.

I recommend you start with a simpler character to use (damage class) and specific to get money and equipment (for example, Scout> Taumaturge> Corsair> whatever you like; use “Swell Brain” Taumaturge for + looting chance, "Swell body “to fold drops and” Pillaging “Corsair for extra money), upgradeable with equipment that carries white gems of” + looting chance ".

When you raise enough money, just shop in the market for your main / new summoner character; You can repeat the process for other characters. If you are lucky and the TOS bingo smiles at you (TOS is a great casino), something you save.

There are many ways to arm your summoner, from quantity vs. quality. The typical pajamas, Necro> Bokor> Sorcerer; the dark variant Bokor> FeatherFoot> Warlock; Flaming zombies Pyro> Bokor> Feather / Warlock, etc. You can also opt for a non-magical branch, Archer> Falconer> Hunter> Whatever you want (you would need two minimum gaps of characters for the dog and the eagle).

pd: There are other options, but they are less optimal for “grinding” monsters, (for example, using Swordman> Doppelsoeldner “Double Pay Earn” skill; Cleric> Oracle> Pardoner with the skills “Clairvoyance” and “Oblation”, ok, these The latter are not good options …)

The problem is not so much to increase level (with daily bonuses of exp. And quest is easy), it is the eternal “grinding” tombola what is TOS. If you can avoid participating in one of the two (casino and “grinding”) using the wallet, why not?

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