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Cards and Ichors for SR/Thau/Enchanter

Hello saviors,

Would someone be able to provide some guidance on what kind of cards and ichor i should be using for my SR/Thau/Enchanter? Any advise is much appreciated :slight_smile:

They vary, typically for red you see x3 Velnia Monkey paired with purple x3 Biteregina, this applies poison to enemies and boosts damage against poisoned enemies, blue typically is x3 Zaura for 30% more PDEF, green can be x3 Gorkas for looting chance or x3 Rashua for 120 more STR.

Legend card is flexible, Helga is nice for infinite SP, Rexipher is great for movement speed, can do Panto for beast damage, etc. That slot varies the most.

Random ichors for the most part are the same, STR/CON/Crit/X. That X is going to vary based on what your doing and what you need, evasion, accuracy, block pen etc.

Fixed ichors can vary, ignas plate or leather work, if enchanter wastrel sword is solid, I recently got my Renovate Trigger for pistol but that cost me 450 million so id jus go with something cheap starting out like moring or asio etc.

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this is helpful, thank you

Np, you can get more specialized but I didnt wanna give too many options and make it confusing.

Me personally, I like to use 3 Velpides for my purple to boost my movement speed and I tailor my red cards to what type mobs im farming the most atm, like if im farming jugners/v shelter I use 3 cursed devilgloves to increase damage to mutant types.

Just starting out though id recommend velnia/biteregina, and you really want to get 3 rashuas now while they are in rotation, once they arent in the merc. badge shop the price will go way up.