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Card Synthesis is outdated and old and sucks

This so so lame, we easy get and use many Cards nowadays.

Make it like that:


or dismantle trash card for album page, pages is used to craft album.

Maybe both.

Feeding 12 cards at a time, when we can have a lot (like my ~750 cards at that time) is such a unnecessary pain in the butts

Also reduce album cooldown to 30s or something.


If only they kept it simple, yet useful …

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up up

please improve this soon

Albums don’t even need a CD tbh, the monsters are only level 330 on a 450 cap game, they drop dead after 1 hit and then you have to wait…


I agree!

I’m surprised this hasn’t changed at all over the years.

Same goes for the window for leveling up / feeding items for experience to gems.

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Yeah back then they dont even have cooldown and we could spam it so fast

Also make same type and level cards stack please. The cards are consuming too much limited inventory space