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Card/Ichor/Gems/Accessory for Priest/Diev/Kabal

Hello saviors,

Trying to play a full support cleric as priest/diev/kabal, can someone please advise on what i should do for card/ichor, gems and accessory please? I guess in general just go for spr and con stats?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello again fellow tea drinker.

Red cards: none
Blue cards: Boruble (I hope you planned your character beforehand), Varle King (easy to get, but 6x less effective than Boruble)
Purple cards: many choices there (SP recovery cards, Yeti for more HP, Dullahan for chance of resurrecting if you die)
Green cards: Unknocker or Neringa (SPR/CON +5), Linkroller (SPR +10); there will be a card that gives SPR +40 soon to come
Legend card: Nuaele or Zaura (depending on which of MDEF or PDEF is lower after you have buffed yourself)

Fixed ichor: Skiaclipse cloth set (Cotton Wear, Slacks, Fist, Shoes) for SPR/CON/healing

Top/bottom gem: same as legend card, blue or yellow depending on which of MDEF or PDEF is lower after you have buffed yourself

Gloves/boots/weapon gems: skill gems (Heal, Guardian Saint, Mass Heal…)

Accessories: Carnas Zeisty from the gemstone shop

If you make this char your main, you may want to invest into Varna and random ichors. Pick SPR/CON/evasion/block on your random ichors.


Thanks Draco :slight_smile:

Red Cards can be:
they dont do a lot but… better than nothing, maybe?

1-2 Gazing Golem, and 1-2 Yeti

Top/bottom gem:
can also be skill gems. blue/yellow dont do much

as draconis said, Carnas Zeisty.
And later Moringponia Juoda

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you can try those red cards that add Magic Attack … when you get the cotton attributes that adds matk as healing … forgot the name XDD

What ichors should i used for my weapons then?

I don’t remember exactly but I think I use ichors that give SPR and CON. Moring ichors should be fine and cheap.

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Boruble cards are extremely overkill for PvE, even more so with Kabbalist in your build, i would suggest defensive cards like Zaura/Nuaele/MariaLeed.

I recommend SPR/CON/MediumOffsetting/ClothOffsetting for random ichors personally because its more versatile and reliable for all PvE content.
Definitely Skiaclipse compassion armors for fixed ichor though.
Moringponia or Misrus mace should both be decent choices for weapon.
Im using wastrel shield ichor myself, but you can also do moring shield.

As for skill gems, Statue of Laima and Ein sof are pretty good to pick up. Guardian saint is good on an armor piece you swap to for the quick buff, heal is also a decent choice.
You only need mass heal gem if you’re doing PvP