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Card album cooldown is nonsense

why implement 60s cooldown when you can kill the boss in less than a sec?
also why the boss need 3 second immunity, like they are preparing for a great battle when they are actually just gonna get crushed in less than a sec?

thats just nonsense.

to prevent spam? NO. people can do it in party to spam it. minimum 3x5 party can spams the album nonstop with everyone holding album and taking turns using their album.the 3 second boss immunity contributes only to make us wait thus make the run longer.

to encourage ppl to use it in party? NO.there are more leechers than seeders. even though there is multicolor album in mb shop, in card album open party most of times there are more free riders who would come and just leech and the runs end up with only few using albums and again another waiting time and long cd.

at the very least you can remove the boss 3 sec immunity just like bernice boss,
and at best reduce the cd of the albums


no cooldown* someone spams 50 albums for the lolz = maybe server crash?

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Yes I think it does not make sense at all… But it is as it is :confused:

I think the sole reason why they added a cooldown to it was to avoid channel crashes and worst the game itself crashes. Maybe once the optimization updates come and does what they’re expected to do IMC will consider your suggestions.

This reminds me of RO’s dead/bloody branch, but that game didn’t crash even when there were more than a hundred monsters and people on screen.

For now, I suggest joining a guild with honest people so you don’t feel leeched by freeloaders.

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spam…server crash…channel crash…etc

Make it 1sec or 5sec Cooldown. Easy fast fix and big improvement.

at least 10-20 seconds cooldown … so others can pop their album ( mostly party leaders )

Well still cant summon more then one boss at a time though. Sometimes you can manage to to summon more if everyone press at the same time. But still that has nothing to do with cd’s

Isnt the cooldown there just literally cause it never got updated? I mean, when they introduced the card albums it took more than 0.3 secs to kill the boss lol

Not to say the CD shouldnt be removed, but I think its more negligence than dumb design (for once)