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Captain America Build

Hello, can anyone share me a good skill build for
murm - rode - pelt

why the build ? cause of reasons. and for the lulz

and some key points or good tips to remember. THANK YOU!

something like that

also u got some options, like u can rearange some points from shield shoving(rode) to montana ,charge or slithering but they actually not that good in pve, maybe some pvp usage cuz of def and block.

same with pelt skills u can lower the swash buckling to get rim blow as 1 pointer for aggro or shield lob…

This build works aroud your shield , so u need +11t10 velco shield and with shield attribute thats enough for 5 waves cm, and with alright equip even 6 wave.
so how it works u just mash buttons like mad and everything around dead =)
actually rode got 3 debuffs like 15% armor ignore,strike dmg boost, and shock debuff for targe…
murm got cassis crista as dmg buff and scutum hit as ur best friend when clearing wave of mobs.
and pelt got aoe aggro, some stuns with umbo blow attr + additional aggro , and hard shield as best surv buff, also 2 saves like guardian and high guard.

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Thank you very much will try this out :slight_smile: