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Can't Talk to Npc/Swich Char/Swich channel


Uninstalled add-ons > nothing changed > Reinstalled add-on

If this problem fix without ruining anything else, the game would be 1000 times better than last year instead of just 10 :pensive:


For can solve, just trade yours Linguage… Just it… Trade linguagem!!!
Options in game, trade your linguage!!!


change language its work! but my party status bar suddenly dissapear :frowning:


Still bug for me even i remove all addons :roll_eyes:


Here is the issue… No add on but issue persist. Verified steam file but no issues. Die in dungeon or saalus cannot revive. Rewards sometimes missing. Not sure IMC rebuild the game or rebuild the bugs.


Still bug for me, reinstalled the game twice, repaired the installation files about five times, still. Also, in dungeons i can’t see monsters’ HP bars or updates in my UI (cooldowns, HP/SP/Stamina, dungeon completion, buffs, even the “exit the dungeon” and respawn popups).


I still got the UI frozen on instances and start to happen to me the “can’t talk with npc” bug.


My theori is that this is caused by the new message pop us freezing the screen before game fully loads…

by the time the loading ends the dmg is already done, so you are presented with other pop ups not showing up…


not an addon issue :slight_smile:


I can reassure that this problem is not caused by addons. Addons might play a part on the problem, but it’s not exclusively their fault.

I have 2mbps connection and I reinstalled the game with no addon after ~48 hours redownloading everything and that problem still happens. I’ve already sent a ticket explaining but still no solution.



Thanks you, it is clever cause it forces the game to reload all without pop ups getting in the way…