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Can't pick Exorcist?



I finished the quest earlier (when I was rank 6).
Then I leveled up to Druid for Rank 7.
I am planning to pick Exorcist for Rank 8 but it does not show up under “Next Class Rank Information” when I look at the Advancement Info. The Exorcist Master doesn’t talk to me anymore and only opens the shop to sell holy water.

Did I break it?


check on F1 if you have the “unlock” on that character, it appears in green under the stats…


I do.

2 pictures


On the bright side, Reduild changes are coming soon and you will be able to chose exorcist with no restriction or problem…


You are rank7 class lvl1, reach class lvl15 and Exorcist should appear. It wont appear in the advancement tab until you reach the necessary level to advance into the class.