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Can't name a character "Gilgamesh"

A friend told me it wasn’t possible create a character named like that. I tried, and this happened:

I sent a support ticket, but they basically told me to use another name, without giving a reason why this happens or if will be fixed in any future patch.

After a few tests, “Gilgame” is what’s been considered a invalid character. Any variation with less letters works.

can you use capital i > I instead of l < L ?_?

you can’t use the “game” name in your character for obviously reason

Use Gilg4mesh or Gilgam3sh


That’s not obvious xD I haven’ come across a game that doesn’t let you do that – normally, they ban things that are more specific, like GM or GameMaster


Only think that comes to mind is that is could sound similar to GM or GameMaster so they wont allow it… Considering we have many other nationalities who may not be very fluent in English


It’s not allowed because you can’t be immortal in TOS

i had the same issue trying to create two character called Sigmund and Cassidy a few weeks ago. I don’t have a single idea why.

It’s simple, part of the chosen name is censored (it’s the same as when you write a word in your language, but part is censored for being an insult). I think we are old enough to know what is right and wrong, this censorship, as a paradox and hypocritical attitude, is insulting. You can try giving your character the name of Enkidu (his lover), or a variant of Gilgamesh such as Izdubar or Bilgamesh.

p.d: Being a character in some series is just a coincidence or using his authorship, after all, he really could have been a king (if you forget the fictionals, religious ornaments and so on).

Its a simple joke… and some people consider their lover, but, like I said, its a joke (in some descriptions is a no-human, a “monster” or some “otherworld/divine” entity). Well, in the past (antiquity) same-sex relationships were common (I said his “lover”, not his “husband”, who knows, we don’t have a time machine to asking him) ;-).

p.d: The point remains, do we censor the words too? Many people who play iTOS are mature and adult enough to treat it like a movie for brats (the sad thing is that they also apply it here and there).

Censorship (in any ways, blood and other things) should only be activated by the account (date of birth according to the age of majority of the State); That there are brats who are creating accounts with the date of birth changed or feeling older? It’s their problem… and that of their parents/fathers/mothers/guardians for not doing their job/responsibility with their sons and daughters.

Interesting ideia. I’ll check it later if works

I tried in the chat, but there’s no censor about it. If were an insult, I would totally understand why it got censored.
Also, checking old threads, I seen some characters named Gilgamesh, so it’s somewhat a new bug. lol

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