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Cant Link Steam Account


After i try to link my account with steam, they keep sending me back to main page and did not link my steam account.

I would like to submit a ticket.

Thank you


If you would like to send as a ticket, kindly try to use the email that was linked to your steam account.

Im already using the same account for login on both steam and TOS webpage. I still cant submit ticket

When i try to link, it always send me back to homepage and didn’t process the link

are you log in to home page?_? it is a separated log from forum…

Still have the same issue, i’m not able to link my steam account with the system rewards or the web page, but no one helps me, i have since the last reward event waiting for help or a clue to fix this.

I know this is an old topic, but You solved your problem?

I have the same problem and looks like no one are trying to help, googled the problem and your its the first result but looks like no solution at all?

And this looks like and old problem…

EDIT: SOLVED, To anyone that have the misfortune to encounter that problem, turned out to be that IMC website wont accept strage chaacters on the Steam Name, so change it to standart characters before trying to link Steam and you can skip the Steam Link pressin “ESC” on the page request to Link…