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Can't Find the Class Tree Change Support NPC


I’ve looked everywhere but she’s just not present in Klaipeda. I even checked Google and everyone seems to agree she’s supposed to be near the Onmyoji Master but there’s literally nobody there. I’ve attached a picture. Where is she?¿

Game Crashing When In Windowed Mode
  • You can display the remaining days you have for a Class Tree change by typing ’ /treechange ’ in the chat window.

try that…


Type it in the chat? I tried all the chat modes and nothing happens.


is this you only character and have you tried all channels?_?


Nope, not my only character and I have tried them all yep!


hmm weird for it not to show the first time…

what server are you on?_?


The SEA one (Telsai?)


It seems to be happening to a couple people too, so its not just you…


try verifying local cache on steam game properties


I just tried that to no effect. :frowning: