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Can't download latest patch (16/04/2019)

Since 16/04/2019

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: degasete

Character Name: Aoi

Bug Description : Well, i can’t play the game since 16/04/2019 cuz the client won’t download the latest patch. I’ve played ToS for the last 2 years at least and never had this problem. I sent two tickects already and none of them helped.

1 - I tried to repair game files through steam
2 - i reinstalled the whole game
3 - And now IMC sent me a message saying it might be my conection. This is the first time i feel disrespected by IMC. Really? 1605s hour of game played and you tell me my conection is bad for downloading a patch?
4 - I am losing all the dailys and the events since 16/04. Can anyone help me with this?

Try changing the number inside release.revision.txt located in the release folder to 0.

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It didn’t work, but thanks for the help :slight_smile:

this happens to me when the server didn’t like the IP that was autogenerated to me by my modem

that i have to reset the modem whenever this occurs

you may also wanna try to check out on your internet provider if there was a problem on their side.

last choice is trying out a vpn

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any update about this issue? ‘w’?

I tried 3 different internet connections (my own, my father’s house and my cellphone router - all different providers); i tried TunnelBear VPN; And I get the same message.
I didn’t check my own internet provider cuz i don’t know what to say to them :sweat_smile:

I had a friend downloading the patch and transferring the patch files to me, but my the client starts and try to download it anyway.

I’ve tried deleting a few patch files, tried changing IPV4 numbers… nothing works.

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try writing 245399 in release.revision.txt then save changes and run game again
just make sure thats only number in note before u save it

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it did not work.

So i tried deleting ALL patch files and get steam to repair it. Steam launcher downloaded 360+ files that were missing (8GB+) and when i start the game i get the same error (with different pak file)