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Can't continue episode 13-1 questline

My alt archer is level 453 and just completed the Woods questline with Goddess Lada. I need to follow her into Paupys Crossing, but the next quest doesn’t appear. This means the quests are restricted by character level (need 454 then 456 for Issaugoti then 458 for Kirtimas). This is ABSURD, as the NEXT questline for episode 13-2 labeled as “level 460” is available at level 450 so I can do episode 13-2 questline before episode 13-1…

(and I’m SURE this was addressed in a previous patch note as “fixed” while it clearly is NOT fixed)

Hello draconis,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
Please send us a ticket with details.

Thank you.

This is just the normal behavior of the quests, you need level 454 to pick Paupys Crossing.
13-2 has no requirements.

I dont remember this ever being addressed. Its kinda silly how you jump around the story, but thats just how it is.

I’m pretty sure to have read that the requirement for 13-1 quests was lifted in some patch notes, but either I hallucinated or it was not lifted. It may be the “normal” behavior, but it’s nonsense to do 13-2 quests before 13-1 due to a stupid level requirement on the 13-1 quests (which by the way is the only occurence of such behavior, all other quests are available 30 levels below their recommended level).

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