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Can't colplete sage master collection

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Jedi_council

Character Name: DoctorAphra

Bug Description :
I already completed the explorer’s gimmick (already visited the 50 locations and the fedi NPC doesn’t give me more riddles) but only got the box and 2 items from the sage master’s collection, I thought that the collection should get completed at the same time as the explorer’s gimmick but what now?

that is a normal misconception, doing the 50 explorer gimmicks is not enough for completing sage master, it will require 2 and half chars completing it to get the pages using only explorer gimmick since you can pass the pages to the character completing the sage master.
You can also get more pages doing some map gimmicks like helping with the crops besides klaipeda or fishing has a chance to get them too.

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Ah thank you!
I’ll give it a try with other characters then :satisfaction: